10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight And Lantern Buy Direct Here At 1:38

  1. Thank you for putting this video out.
    I, personally, appreciate this info…Lord knows I can't afford these "Tactical" clothes and I can't swing most of the surplus stuff. Using the things I already have in stock at home helps out A BUNCH!

  2. Great setup and talking points. I agree with the helping ppl. You may end up with a new friend during the hard times.

  3. Bro,
    These are much having items in your bug out bag or get home bag for 3 days.
    Shelter, fire starter, water and water purification, food, tool for protection, and medical kit. The rest is extra bro…
    Good luck to all

  4. Love your videos! You've quickly become my favorite. I was happy to see you like the Merrells. I have a pair that I have literally worn every single day for the last year and they still feel great! Keep em coming brother and be safe out there on the streets!

  5. Now just to build you're YouTube pepper rep you have to feather a stick and batton some big limbs. Ignore the twigs laying around and then strike some sort of flint to it. Show all the extra cooking gear with all your gear and never explain why the heck you have it except that a thousand other tubers had the same stuff. O yea say all your friends asked you to build a kit for them right.

  6. 1st: STAY SAFE bro., 2: thanks for the display of gear… I love my merrell boots I have two pair like you I'm on a police budget with 3 kids… But got my boots on clearance from the merrell store in Branson Mo… + military discount I'm sitting pretty well on the feet I have had Oakley and rocky and Bates and many other brands… I love my merrel boots as far as the other gear I do have a set(full set) in my bag and one loose in my jeep… I love the gray man approach problem is most bags stand out and you know how you would act as a cop if you seen some one dressed like that in certain situations which is why I carry a drawstring bag inside so I can more more unnoticed if I need to more among people to scout a path through… Again stay safe take care

  7. I have Condor and under armour sets of synthetic thermals, condor fleece layer, tru spec pants, 2 under armour synthetic shirts and underwear,Fleece beanie, balaclava, darn tough wool socks, 2 thick pairs 2 thin pairs, goretex parka and pants in woodland camo, hiking shoes for summer, boots for winter, thinsulate gloves, tactical mechanix gloves and coveralls. It takes alot of clothes to bug out long term. Most of my stuff was cheap tho. Boots and goretex was the most expensive.