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  1. can i ask some advice about my 120-volt kitchenaid mixer which i bought a year ago from a balikbayan friend but haven't use it since because our electricy here in the phils. is 220 volts.

    i was advised to buy a power transformer however i got plenty of suggestions fro sales clerks on what appropriate transformer i should use. the unit i understand has a 450-watt unit. is it safe to buy and use a 500-watt transformer?
    thank you sir.

  2. They never plug in emergency lights to a socket in commercial buildings… Use some common sense.

  3. Would be nice if you can do a side by side comparison of emergency lights in the market. Akari, orbik, nxled, firefly, omni, etc.

  4. I wanna say thank you for showing us about baclaran..sad to say it's your last..be careful always!

  5. these emergency lights wouldn't be exactly UL listed for use in a public business. That explains why theres a plug rather than a couple of wires