13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight And Laser Combo Buy In Store Nearby At 6:49

  1. Walmart has good deals. Walmart has these deals from time to time but the dollar stores in my area has most of this stuff for a dollar. It really does vary from place to place. You can also order stuff online from Walmart now. Shop around is the best thing I can say. I like these videos because they get me think about stuff like this and then I'll go off and find my own budget deals. Thanks for the vid.

  2. @Grizzly907LA … I saw one of your videos about the 99 cents store, you got some really great deals. Keep us up to date on the deals you find 🙂

  3. @watuwaitn4 Thank you. I found deodorant on sale at Ralphs for 88 cents. I have to re-shoot some videos. I was reviewing some I had on my camcorder and decided to re do them without the political commentary and be a little more on point. Its a process.

  4. I went by the Pharmacy area and saw that about a week ago. I finally know that my wife is on-board with Prepping cause she said "Aren't you going to grab some???" when I was standing there checking it out. Funny moment for anyone that has dealt with pulling along a spouse for the Prepper journey.

  5. @jknacasual … That is a major milestone in prepping, congrats. Now when she asks to go to a gun show, you know she is in to this prepping thing for life.LOL

  6. Here where I am we don't get bargins like this, however I did stock up wet wipes that were $1 which was half price.

  7. great tips ! The anti-diarrheal capsules work well. Since the tablets are bubble pack they are good to carry in a purse or bug out bag.

  8. Im glad I caught your video. I saw these deals when we went last time and picked up a few items. We usually get these at the Dollar store, but saved a little extra getting them at Walmart!! Thanks.