9 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Ar15 How Can We Order At 20:44

  1. Thanks for all the vids. I just love your channel. My 7 yr old daughter even goes around saying survival is not an accident…survival on purpose. keep em coming.

  2. If you get a chance, I would like to see a head to head video between this light and thrunite tc12. I am a little biased. I tend to like thrunite more.
    I am not a fan of the orange peel reflector, but since thrunite tc12 has a smooth reflector, the vs video would be interesting.

  3. Nice one Brian. glad you didn't miss church. do these use normal rechargeable batteries. do you use ur survival bracelet as a prayer reminder.
    Atb Ron.

  4. Do you know that at the start of the video you said the light had 5 modes-1,20,100,600,1000 Lumens and during the night shot you said 1,20,80,400,900 Lumens. Not much difference but I went and looked on amazon the night shot was right…Good video