Tactical Flashlight Assembly Buy At Best Price

What’s up guys? How you all do it? I’m sure a lot of you have subscribed to some kind of subscription box
Well today battlbox
it’s a subscription box for
Survival and tactical gear have sent me one of these to review and maybe put it to the test and I actually really love
Subscription boxes because it’s like once a month
Present you never know what you’re going to get so it’s so exciting to open up the subscription boxes
Let’s see what’s inside. By the way you probably already know I love
Survival stuff and I seen this box before and I thought I should get it
But I never did so I got really excited when they send me one of those. I love their logo, okay. Let’s open it up
Boom a bunch of paper over here.
good for fire starting
Whoa, what is that, EDC belt survival hole tools knives, whoa?
That’s like a survival gadget for your belt. I actually want to do bunch of gadgets for Belts
So that’s awesome. Look at that. This is what it’s going to look like
That’s it. We’re cool. Definitely going to put it to the test my next camping gadgets
I never seen one of those before so this is what I’m talking about you get stuff that you never seen before and
It’s really exciting. What’s in here? It says bust on what a bust on means. I don’t know
Whoa is that a knife
This is so cool. Is that a wallet knife or something like that?
Wow, okay, there’s can opener, there is a little file
There’s little knife and a screwdriver, and I guess that’s where you put credit cards. Wow.
This is a really cool wallet credit card wallet. I like that. Also
We’ll put it to the test later as well. I saw a lot of bullets like that, but I never got one like that before
so really cool got my first
metal wallet
whoo this box looks beautiful Smith, I
Wonder what it means, because this box does not give away what’s inside?
Let’s open it up
What? what is this? Oh?
No way, it’s the sunglasses or safety glasses
Whoa that’s how it cool. Let’s see what they look like on me
What do you guys think?
ha ha it’s a little bit too small for my face. I like bigger
Sunglasses because they have a big potato head ok let’s see what else we got over here, whoa?
This is looks like some kind of tactical flashlight. Wow. I’m so surprised. I honestly
I did not expect to see so many cool gadgets in the battlbox. So that’s actually really exciting out. Let’s see what this
Flashlight does or is it even a flashlight?
whoa there is a clip hanging on your belt of course it’s not going to come with the Battery
No, it did come with batteries
so you just got to pull off this little tug and it might be even a chargeable batteries. Wow, yup
Chargeable lithium batteries, Woah, that’s a bright flashlight. That’s insane. Oh
Cool. This is a little strap for the flashlight. Okay,
Let’s see what else we got here. Lots of lots of stuff. Wow. What is this? Whooo Zippo!!
Who doesn’t like Zippo like this? No way how cool is that?
bottle Box
Zippo Lighter with their logo
ok there’s a sticker another side cool. I love this Zippo lighter. who doesn’t?
Okay let’s see what else we have over here
digital Smart charger, oh cool now
I don’t even have to buy a battery charger for the flashlight because it comes with a little charger. boom how cool is that?
Super Epic all of that another bottle box product, I wonder what this is
Tactical pen that’s Epic actually Wanna put to the test one of you
Tactical pens and regular pens boom there is a regular pen over here
This one right here, you can break a car window
Really really easily, pretty sure but yeah
I think I will put it to the test when I’m going to be doing pen gadgets or something like that definitely
we’ll try it out. See if it works epic
What is that? This is some kind of Key?
Swiss Tech oh
Cool. This is like a key gadget. There is a
Multi-tool key gadget can opener. very cool
We’ll have to put it to the test maybe with key gadgets later, and there is another one right here
I wonder what this is let’s open it up. I love it how… NO WAY!!! This is an EPIC knife!
Wow look how cool that is
It’s pretty heavy, so I gotta tell you this is Gonna be a really good quality knife
Wow, that’s awesome. Really easy to close it really easy to open it. Love it
This is probably my best knife that I want right now super cool. Well guys that’s pretty much it
I’m going to put a link in the description for this battlbox
Thank you for watching I think this is really cool tools
I’m definitely going to put them to the test, in the near future. You guys amazing, and I’ll see you next time
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Tactical Flashlight Assembly Buy At Best Price

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  1. The glasses that say Smith on it is called that because it makes you look like the guy from the Matrix, Agent Smith.