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ammo can box survival kit great ideas for emergency kits DIY homemade
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you looking for some great ideas for survival kits emergency kits DIY homemade
look no farther than an ammo can box ammo boxes cans are cheap they’re easy to find
you can find them in plastic or metal I
chose a plastic ammo box can today simply because
it’s less expensive lighter weight an
ammo can box can be an airtight container
but when you choose it how to inspect ammo cans boxes you want to
look and make sure open it
check around the lid make sure there’s a
rubber gasket that’s what makes it water
and air tight then you want to make sure
that the ammo can box latches firmly another benefit
to an ammo can is it has a little place
where you can place a lock or zip tie
if you want to keep people out or know
if someone tampered with your emergency survival kit they have a
nice handle that’s easy to carry grab
and go in an emergency and the ammo can box handle
folds flush so that you can easily stack
these if you wanted to use them for more
than one purpose besides an emergency survival kit what are the must-haves
for your ammo can box emergency survival kit start
with some shelter and protection items
get a large black plastic garbage trash bag an
emergency poncho and an emergency
blanket you can use these to shelter in
place keep yourself warm make an emergency shelter whether you’re stuck in your home and
the power goes out or you should have to
grab your emergency survival kit and go bug out you can
use these simple items ways to help make a shelter keep yourself safe from the
weather you always want to have a way to
start a fire at the minimum put in some
matches and a lighter I’ll put a link to
a video I made on how to waterproof your
matches next choose some kind of a knife or tool you can choose a simple
multi-tool you can choose a carabiner
knife or a basic survival knife all of
these survival tools knives would be great options you don’t need all of them choose one that you
already have in your home or one that
you want specifically for this emergency
ammo can box survival kit
you also need some paracord and no
survival kit is complete without duct
tape but a giant roll of duct tape isn’t
going to fit in this emergency survival container so get something small like a
clothespin an old credit card a little
golfing pencil wrap several feet of duct
tape around your item and now it will
easily fit into your ammo can box survival kit DIY homemade
we need water to survive make sure
you have at minimum a straw type water purification
filter and some aqua tabs water purification tablets which you can
drop into unclean water it will purify
the water and make it safe for you to
drink always read the directions on the
package of any kind of water filter or
water purification tablets so that you
know how to use them before you put them away into your emergency gear we never
know what emergency we might encounter so make sure you have a pair of sturdy
gloves and look for one of the little
military style or Boy Scout camp can
openers P 38 P 51 emergency can opener they’re inexpensive they’re durable and the P 38 P 51 take up almost no
space in your ammo can box survival kit but are extremely handy if you
need to open a can of food and don’t
have another can opener you need some
first aid supplies in your ammo box can
survival kit buy little first aid kits that are
already put together you can add more first aid supplies
you can make little waterproof containers out of straws if you wanted to add
ointments pills medication I’ll put a
link to a video I made on how to make
the little waterproof containers for emergencies out of straws so that you can see more about
that in the age of coronavirus we know
we need hand sanitizer and face masks in any emergency survival kit do
what you can to find some or make one
make sure that face masks are available
in your emergency ammo can box survival kit have a stash of cash in small bills have a copy of your
identification and emergency contacts together in your
ammo can box emergency survival kit toss in a little sewing kit you have some needles pins
buttons and different colors of thread
add a package of baby wipes just make
sure you wrap them up carefully in a
ziploc bag because they will dry out
even when they haven’t been opened if
you leave them in there for an extended
period of time
A must have for me and depending on the
climate where you live are hand warmers
when you’re ready to use hand warmers how do hand warmers work
you tear the hand warmer open and contact with the oxygen is what helps them warm up the hand warmers
do have a shelf life because of anything
punctures the wrapper and air gets in
then that’s what activates the contents
and heats them up and then they’re not
going to be any good anymore so you want to check your hand warmers occasionally make sure
they still feel soft and pliable once
hand warmers turn hard they aren’t any good
anymore they’ve been compromised or used
so if you find that your hand warmers
are hard in the package dispose of them
and replace them so that you’ll have
what you need in an emergency include a
flashlight in your ammo can box survival kit if you’ve watched my
videos you will know that my favorite flashlight is this tiny USB rechargeable flashlight it’s very
versatile sturdy and just the right size flashlight for a little ammo can box survival kit you
can also toss in a glow stick I made a
video on emergency uses for glow sticks
I’ll include a link to that in case you
would like to learn more include a
gallon size ziploc bag
the beauty of a container like an ammo can box for emergency survival kit
is that you can use it to collect
water but if you need to use it for that
you need somewhere to keep your contents you can place the contents of your ammo can box emergency survival kit
into the ziplock bag so that you
still have them together no matter what
your situation is having an extra
plastic bag also allows you to have
something to use to collect water in the
bag itself or to use as a trash
container you may want to include an
extra cord and a plug that fits your
electronics so if you have to grab and
go with your emergency ammo can box survival emergency kit
you can you can still charge up your
electronics wherever your emergency
leads you there’s been a lot of
uncertainty and fear during this
pandemic this lockdown remain at home
coronavirus Covid 19 emergency
it’s a good time to take stock of what
you have look for a container that you
have in your home look around your home
you may have most of these items already
but they’re scattered around find a
container that’ll hold your contents
whether it’s an ammo can or shoe box and put your items into this and then put it
somewhere then in an emergency you have your gear together you can grab it get
it out use it for what your emergency is
and then replace anything that you’ve
used up or put it back into the box if
you have to grab and go in an emergency situation you have your
things together you don’t have to panic
no one knows what’s coming but we do
realize that no matter who we are where
we live there are always going to be
emergency situations from earthquakes
tornadoes hurricanes floods forest fires
and even pandemics usually emergencies
are on a more localized level but we’ve
realized through this coronavirus that a
global pandemic an actual emergency
through the whole world can actually
come on in just a matter of days take
the time to go through your home find
some emergency supplies put them
together and then know that you’ve done
your best to prepare for whatever comes
your way that way you won’t panic you’ll
be prepared and not scared
if you enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share it with someone else who might enjoy it
learn more at alaskagranny.com
and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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