10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight At Ebay How Can I Order At 14:45

  1. Honestly, I don't like bics because in my experience, once you get the flint wet it's done for. I only have them to pass out to people who ask me for a lighter, and I find them on the ground everywhere I go. I have like 8 of them as of now.

  2. take matches dipped in wax for emergencies. light up smokes with zippo. start fires with road flares….

  3. The child-safety from Bic is just crap. I always rip it of with my Wave. It collects dirt, fibers from your pants and what not. Never had an issue with Zippo (Okey I once ran out of zippo fluid. But I filled it up with plain old gasoline and I could smoke again)

  4. So where do we get this rubber band that you show us in the video? Do I have to go cut down a bicycle inner tube or can I just order that off eBay what's up?

  5. Mine dries out in a few weeks and needs refueling even if not used. But I love it.

  6. IMCO triplex is my favorite its not water proof but it holds its fuel better and you can use it as a candle it is also easy to replace its flint. However I use both Zippo and IMCO

  7. I buy Chinese fake Zippo because it's made by old Zippo machines . Who buys cheap USA stuff .

  8. When it's a life or death situation and you need fire just pull out the zippo but when enjoying a camp out then althe swivel method or just ferro it