15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight At Ebay How To Shop At 22:44

  1. how are you chief, I am happy to see you work with what the common man can use. I am former military trained, leave it at that. no where near you level. I feel that pushing for the newest and high tech forgets the first tool in survival "your brain". and the will to survive. we use to get told"working with what you have is some time all you got and you can't order any more out here. so suck it up". Piss poor planning get piss poor performance." the Army's 6 P's

  2. i like your channel, your tips and ideas, but here you show stuff what's not cheap, because you don't need to buy it, because you don't need this things and more important, you don't want to carry useless gear. what i like a lot, there is a lot of lightweight stuff out there you can get almost for free. pet bottles, thin trash bags and many other things for example. the ideas how to use all this stuff by putting it to work with materials from nature, gives you the highest value of gear. we both need to lose some useless fat on our bellies, this would free us to take more useful lightweight gear. but don't get me wrong, i just discovered your channel and i like your channel a lot. regards..uddo

  3. You wouldn't believe what I find at garage and yard sales or even flea markets. I found a brand new medium alice pack never used for 10 bucks at a indoor flea market. He had tons of used and new military gear. What I like about these places is they go home with me right then and I don't have to wait for them to be shipped to me. That was a great buy for 60 bucks man ! Good job !

  4. that's one sweet bag….Sometimes you can find gear too for free… I've found a 20LED light, back packs, binoculars, a wool blanket, lighters, candles, draw tie bags, BB gun, spider wire fishing line, pillars, large mesh tent( using as 4 large 80 x 50" bug nets) and other stuff… Like wise , could try community yard sales( bought a 1$ folding knife with metal spork with a case) or church sales ( clothing or containers)

  5. $60 for all that isn't that bad of a deal but not really that great unless you really need all of it.
    I buy a good many packs at flea markets, auctions, thrift stores and easy to find good , quality packs for less then $20. I would expect to pay $10-15 for that kelty.
    Is the rest of the stuff worth $40? Don't know what the Sleeping bag is but probably isn't much. Good bags are harder to find then packs but still not that hard.
    I really recommend checking out flea markets, auctions, yard sales and thrift shops. Craigslist can be good too.
    Have in your head what you want / need and don't get caught up with paying more for junk you don't need

  6. That's a great price for what you got man! As always, if you don't like some stuff or want to upgrade to something better, you can always resell it individually.

  7. if u wake up really early on Mondays u can ride the rich hoods for good stuff they didnt sale or found in attics they are throwin out..happy hunting

  8. thanks for the tips…like the concept of budget camping gear- but the quality has to be medium or better- less expensive is the operative word versus cheap- which might be associated with low quality. ketly is a great brand and is worth 60 bucks by itself.

  9. i know ill not pay my rent so pay off a black mailer stop useing craigslist 99% of thing on there are stolen your just helping drug addic thieves do what thay do