12 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Barrel Mount Buy In Online Store At 22:40

  1. A candle.

    People here in Alberta have frozen to death in their car over night when it broke down. That little flame can feel like a camp fire when it's -40.

  2. Hi. Its not a bad little kit. If you know about prepping then you will probably have some /all and other items already in your car or pack , but we shouldn't knock the small things. Personally Id add a pair of spare reading glasses and my New Testament to read while I wait for morning. Also any personal meds that I may need for two or three days! Keep it simple! Great vid. Thanks for your time!

  3. One addition would be a small emergency strobe. You can find them in most outdoor stores. Attach it to the radio antenna if your car is equipped with one.

  4. Definetly add a portable fire steel and cotton balls. Great kit though and Great vid!

  5. Reading all the comments here surprised me. SO MANY people suggest adding a fire starter. In a blizzard? A real-world scenario here would be running your vehicle into a ditch on a secondary road in those conditions. Your car will be your shelter and you would not want to be out in the elements expending energy trying to build a fire, getting yourself wet in harsh conditions. It is likely that within 24 hours you would be discovered and rescued …

    Your best bet is to put out your SOS flag and hunker in, which is what this kit seems to be for. But, this little kit needs tea light candles for heat and light, in my opinion. Just my two cents worth.

  6. I think its a great little item I'd include water, if stressed you can dehydrate if your stuck in a car and have a heater going you can dehydrate so water would be good and a small flashlight

  7. Anyone thinking burning anything in the car for heat DON'T it would produce carbon monoxide gas which is odourless tasteless gas that in a confined space such as a car would put you to sleep and you would die! Instead have in your kit a quality wool blanket and emergency hot food sachets and stored water, the type that uses the heat pack that generates heat via a chemical reaction with the water. Having food in your stomach will warm you well and leave you contented without risking death.

  8. A woman/wife…. I mean with one around and free time in a car, I'm sure I could come up with something to keep us (wife & I) entertained and warm for the night πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜