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  1. Great video overall mate – Quick thing: around 4:12 or so, there are two videos that you reference, but the youtube "cards" didn't pop up. Might want to go back and link those. Keep up the awesome work sir.

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  5. Dude I used to teach English. You might get gram grammar police called on you but your videos are THE most informative that I watch & I'm not just referring to Survival Situations. No 😴 in your class!

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  7. Six years later and this video is still the best basic survival kit on the internet for its simplicity.

  8. Been watching and greatly enjoying your videos for a good minute now. I really appreciate how level headed and reasonable a perspective you offer, on everything from survival kits to " Civil War". You provide info that is boots on the ground useful to people from virtually all walks of life. Thanks Man, Your efforts are not without notice.
    May the wind be at your back and the Sun to You face.