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Is Your Family Prepared for Disaster?
Brad: Today in the Lab….Disaster!
Clay:  Are You…Prepared?
Video Intro
Brad: …This episode is brought to you by
Baby Bjorn. One thing you can depend on being
safe all the time, Baby Bjorn.
Clay: Brad, I’m going to go ahead and admit
this to you. I,  I’m having some second
thoughts about letting you talk me into doing
a disaster segment.
Brad: Why? Dude, people need to be prepared.
Families need to be prepared for any eventuality.
Think about it. Hurricanes? Floods? Tornadoes?
Just overall pestilence. What are you going
to do?
Clay: That’s pretty much why.
Brad: You’re not prepared, that’s why.
Clay: No, I am prepared. I even bought in
my disaster kit to show you that I am prepared.
Transition swipe
Brad: What I have here is the Red Cross emergency
survival kit. You can go and find this at
www.redcross.org and get your own list to
make your kit. Okay, Daddy Clay, do you have
water in your kit? You need 1 gallon per person
per day of water.
Clay: I’ve got water. Right, there it is.
Brad: O…kay?
Clay: There it is… there’s water
Brad: Ok, you have about 15 ounces of water.
Clay: Yeah were good,  yeah, you see my kids,
I have three kids, one for each kid, boom,
were set.
Brad: What are you and Kim going to drink?
Clay: We’ll have wine.
Brad: Oh, do you have a non-perishable easy-to
prepare food items?
Clay: Yeah, right here.
Brad: (laughing) this is all your food?
Clay: That’s like space food, dude.
Clay: (laughing) That’s like…
Brad: Is like a block of food….Okay, flashlight?
Clay: I am doing good on flashlight. I’ve
got one, but I have two flashlights.
Brad: Oooh. Wow
Clay: let see…they both, they both work.
Brad: battery powered or hand-crank weather
radio or emergency weather radio…are the
batteries in there Daddy Clay?
Clay: I don’t know.
Brad: Does it have a hand-crank?
Clay: no, it’s a….
Brad: How are you going to listen to it if
doesn’t have batteries?
Clay: it has these really bad-ass ear buds.
Brad: (laughing) you don’t have the batteries?
Clay:  No, I have batteries
Brad: You have extra batteries?
Clay: I have batteries.
Brad: extra batteries is on the list.
Clay: extra batteries
Brad: No wait come here, look, you think those
batteries are going to fit, and this is not
a NOA weather radio, it’s like a little
walkman from 1985.
Clay: yeah
Brad: First–aid kit? You have a first-aid
Clay: I do, right here, first–aid kit. 30
Brad: You have, like some band-aids, that’s
Clay: Multi-purpose tool?
Brad: I do. I bought this tiny leather man.
Brad: Oh good.
Clay: It’s like a junior leather man in
the kit.
Brad: Sanitation and personal hygiene items.
Clay: I have a rubber glove.
Brad: Ok.
Clay: and this is a biohazard waste bag. 
So, I think you poop in there.
Brad: Family and emergency contact information.
Clay:  Oh, wait, I’ve got a brochure.
Brad: of your family information? And as you
can see it’s not filled out.
Clay: Its got a place. I’ll have a pen.
Brad: Ok great. Emergency blanket? You’ve
got more poop bags.
Clay: No, I have this plastic sheeting and
this duck tape. And you can make a sleeping
bag out of this plastic sheeting and the duck
Brad: Ok great. Surgical mask? Matches?
Clay: Ok, wait.  I do. I have an emergency
whistle and I have surgical masks. This is
what these are, right here
Brad: Do you have any matches?
Clay: no.
Brad: You are going to make it, like an afternoon.
Clay: What’s your disaster kit look like,
Mr. survivalist?
Brad: Dude I can get along like forever.
Clay: Let me see
Brad: First, for sustenance, I’ve got the
big 20lbs sack of beans. And you don’t want
to eat beans without rice.  Got some rice
here, 20lbs of rice. Got some evaporated milk.
Will never go bad. And because disasters don’t
have to be bland, I have a big ass jar of
Transition wipe
Clay: okay disaster preparedness. I get it,
I understand, but can we talk for a minute,
about this water thing. 1 gallon per person
in the household per day for two weeks is
what you’re supposed to keep on hand?
Brad: right
Clay: For my family that’s 70 gallons of
water. That’s 560lbs of water. Where do
you keep that?
Brad: bathtub
Clay: But where do I keep the Merlot?
Brad: dude, you’re going to make it like
a day and a half.
Brad: If you’d like more information on
surviving the impending doom, we encourage
you to go to redcross.org they have tons of
great information there.
Clay: we’d also like to thank our sponsors
Baby Bjorn, they’re echo-tech certified
and safe for your baby, Baby Bjorn.
Brad: We’d like to know what you think?
Do you have an emergency preparedness kit?
What’s the most important thing in it? Let
us know. Leave a comment on this video or
go to dadlabs.com and join the conversation.
Clay: we’ll see you next time here in the

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6 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Baton Buy Direct Here At 13:57

  1. @Chibiicap That's what the Red Cross is telling me. I know water is important. I am going to try to find a way to store some, but no way I can stash 70 gallons!

  2. @DadLabs

    yeah i know its needed but even if you have a big house i have no idea where you would keep it all, and even if there was a horrible natural disaster everything in your kit could be destroyed anyway.

  3. Portable water filter? Bleach?

    There's going to be a big flood coming to California. We're history.

  4. LOL "I have batteries!" whips out the D cells for the radio! "One rubber glove…and a bio hazardous waste bag, I think you poop in that…" good times

  5. most hot water heaters have 40-50 gal in them all the time. If u get any kind of warning immediately fill up your tubs. etc.