Tactical Flashlight Baton How To Purchase

hey everyone David C Andersen here
coming at you from the knife Center and
today we’re going to talk about
self-defense EDC items which you can
find over at KnifeCenter.com so the
best self-defense items are things that
hide in plain sight
and that’s why these self-defense money
clip will fit the bill
they feature aluminum construction with
a stainless steel money clip right here
on the back side and an integrated
finger hole so when it’s not holding
your dollars you can slip it over your
fingers like so and it makes a
formidable presentation you can also get
this in silver or black finish to suit
your favorite style for something more
aggressive you can check out the cold
steel mini Koga self-defense tool and
what this is is a kubaton all that means
is it’s a handheld stick with points on
either end not sharp points they are
blunted but what this allows you to do
is to concentrate all the force from
your strike into a single point
magnifying your power for a similar tool
that’s a little more incognito check out
the lion steel eskapeer kubaton what
this is is a stainless steel keychain
sized kubaton with a tungsten carbide tip
comes to a much finer point which not only
allows you to concentrate your force but
it can also double as a window breaker
or glass breaker if you need to get out
of your vehicle quickly but because it’s
a keychain it also allows you to convert
your set of keys into a flail this
allows you to use the tool as a handle
and swing your keys with a lot of force
sometimes you just need a little more
stopping power and that’s where the
Kimber pepperblaster II comes in unlike
most pepper sprays on the market these
dual canisters come in a pistol grip
format which makes this a very intuitive
tool to use you never have to figure out
which way the nozzles are pointing with
this because all you have to do is
intuitively grip it like you would a
pistol push your finger through the area
right here point and squeeze the formula
contained within these capsules is also
a little different than your standard
pepper spray it can be delivered at a
speed of up to 112 miles per hour up to
13 feet away and a much more
concentrated blast than your typical
pepper sprays of course one of the best
ways to win any fight is to avoid it in
the first place and that’s where these
next items
first up you’d be well-served to have a
nice whistle on your keychain and this
we knife company titanium whistle is a
very nice option there’s a couple
different colors so it doesn’t scream
tactical at all so it’s gonna fit in and
not stand out in a crowd and produces a
very loud blast up to 120 decibels you
can use this to scare off your would-be
attacker or simply signal for help
the next item you might want to consider
is a tactical flashlight and we’ve
pulled two options right here that we do
sell here but these come from our
personal collections that we’ve carried
here at the KnifeCenter for years my
personal light is a streamlight protac 1L 1AA LED flashlight and as you
can see it’s been through the wringer
but it just keeps going what’s nice
about this flashlight is it can use
either AA or cr123 batteries
meaning it’s easy to keep this thing fed
and it’s a nice compact size it does
come with a pocket clip I’ve removed
mine just because of my preferences but
a flashlight is gonna help you out in a
few different ways in addition to your
standard EDC needs most of the time when
you’re going to be accosted it’s usually
dark out and you can use a light to
shine into your attackers face which may
not blind them or stop them but it can
be enough to disorient them to give you
enough time to get away or signal for
help if all else fails look for a light
with a crenelated bezel this allows it
to be used for striking applications
when you really need it most of course
if you want something a little bit
larger a little more powerful you can
use a light that’s powered by either two
cr123a or an 18 650 battery it gives you
a little more to hold on to and a little
more clearance for that crenelated bezel
in the front this is our buyer Jason’s
personal flashlight the surefire E2DLED
defender there may be some brighter
flashlights on the market but it’s still
hard to beat surefire is build quality
and sterling reputation of course
another great item that you can carry
every day is a good walking stick and
believe it or not there’s even tactical
versions out there including the cold
steel walkabout you can kind of think of
this as sort of a cross between a modern
baseball bat and the classic Irish
shillelagh only this is made out of
polypropylene about 38 and a half inches
long there’s a lot of weight
concentrated in the head right
here that lets you build up a lot of
velocity and a lot of damage potential
of course you always want to practice
with anything you’re going to use to
make sure you can get the most out of it
but in the right hands this can be
extremely powerful so these are just a
few of the great self defense EDC items
that we carry if you want to get your
hands on any of these you can head over
to knife center comm in our top
navigation bar over on the right hand
side you can go to the military slash le
section or click the link in the
description below to head right on over
to KnifeCenter.com

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Tactical Flashlight Baton How To Purchase

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  1. Nice! One question though, does that money clip seam like it puts the force from a strike on your fingers? like, would you be willing to punch a tree with it?

  2. Very interesting and well informed David. I would recommend these products (to specific clients). The whistle is a great concept and is useful for trail runners or hikers who get lost. I'm definitely going to check out more of your videos. I'm a self defense instructor looking into moving my presence to online. I would be happy for any advice. I will use this video in my upcoming Women's Self Defense clinics. I hope it brings you some customers. Cheers buddy.

  3. Use your keys as a flail. That's some funny stuff and horrible advice that could get you killed. All hitting someone with your keys is going to do is make them angry and escalate a already bad situation.
    The rest of what you showed could be effective depending on the users skill level. I carry a tactical pen that I think I bought from you guys. In a defense situation blowing holes in your opponent's neck and face would be pretty effective imo.
    I like that money clip but unfortunately in my state that could get you felony charges depending on the law enforcement officer your dealing with.

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