4 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Baton Where Can I Purchase At 11:50

  1. You always say so much in such a short time, great info in quick, easy to understand videos. So glad you stressed this subject. If you have ever had to do any S&R type work, you know that even without enemy action, having to move through the rubble after a house fire or an apartment building collapse, you are walking on everything from broken glass, wire, nails, all kind of nasty stuff. A simple splinter ion your hand can ruin your concentration!  And I read in a book about WWI that 'trench foot' from wearing dirty and wet socks took some guys out of action because they could barely walk. So yes sir, socks, boots, gloves – absolute essentials. Keep em coming brother. God bless you and yours.

  2. I cut my hand nearly everyday at work.. I really need to find a solution since its really slowing me down. 

  3. Definitely a must. Taking care of your hands & feet. I'm a big glove guy. I own lots of gloves. Different gloves for different jobs. Now boots. I'm in need of a GOOD WARM LITE pair of boots. My last pair are very warm but there just to heavy for me. I notice it after a long winter hike. Which im wanting to do now. Any good brands you could recommend?