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  1. Thanks! I have made some of these improvements on my video quality since putting this one together. Feel free to check out my other videos. Thanks for watching. -Chris

  2. Nice, well thought out EDC. If allowed in your city, I'd suggest a form of self defense such as pepper spray.

  3. You should replace your Zippo with an IMCO Triplex Junior lighter. It was used by the Axis in WW2. It's smaller than the Zippo, you can take the base off and use it as a candle, you can warm your hands with it, you can dismantle it without tools, everything on it is replaceable, it will keep the flame well in stormy weather, and it will work every single time. Ofc it doesn't have the fancy lid the Zippos have, but it's much more handy.

  4. I'll have to check those lighters out too. What I like about my Zippo is that it does a lot of what you listed — stays lit for a long time, can warm my hands, take apart without a tool, replaceable parts, wind proof. The other upside is that about every convenience store in the US sells Zippos and a lot of stores sell replacement flints, wicks, and fluid. Thanks for watching. -Chris

  5. Hey man, nice video
    Nice too see a edc-video that doesn't include guns.
    I have gotten the impression from other edc-videos that it is world war 3 going on with all the big knifes, batons and atleast two guns. Please correct me if im wrong tho.
    Guns are not even allowed in my country and we have no massive heavy crime so i have a little hard time understanding the guns in other edc-vids.
    (I live in Finland btw)
    Maybe you live in a nice town with low crime. Thats good!

  6. What city were you living on when you filmed this? Reason I ask is I have a guess based on the blades and the lack of a pistol, but I'm not certain. Thanks and great video!