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  1. Great gear! As a respiratory therapist I'd ask you to add a space for your inhaler! On a great day without one you're only able to get less that 5% of the medicine where it needs to go! I do not work for them but I tested this product at a hospital I used to work at it does the job. I'm not sure where to order them from but here's a link. Look up the use of a spacer with your MDI and you'll be better prepared for shortness of air!


  2. Very cool. Have to ask, which state is your accent from? (not to be taken as an offence, Brits love American accents & half of my family is American.)

  3. I like your style, Jesse. I'm also a city boy…born & raised in Chicago…moved to Denver age 18…hitch-hiked around the USA & Mexico for 3 yrs…then at age 30, relocated to NC, where I've been for the past 31 yrs. Yeah, just turned 61 & still having fun. Great vid & just subscribed.

  4. Nice carry. As a maintenance man, and seeing all the keys you carry, I think that you would be very happy to carry the keybar. Check them out.

  5. You are lucky, you living in USA – if this was Denmark, was police comming to you – take you whit them. This gun.