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prepping free easy cheap no cost tip #12 bug out bag clothes must have items but out bag
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper still looking for free easy no cost cheap prepping tips I’ve
been doing a series of videos about that
this month because as a New Year’s
resolution I want to make sure that I
have my prepping gear supplies skills in order my prepping prepper
supplies my skills I know what I have
how to use it and I’m trying to be
prepared for whatever comes along and
I’m hoping to give a few tips that will
help you have the same confidence that
you can do it too the prepping skill I have for
you today is to prepare one Bug Out Bag
outfit go into your closet the clothes don’t outfit doesn’t
have to be any of your good clothes just
something that is warm and can layer and
it might even be a great time to get rid
of a few things but rather than get rid
of them roll the clothes up together as a
bug out bag outfit what do you need in your
bug out outfit the same things clothes you would need if you were getting dressed any
other day clean socks and underwear long sleeves and long pants make sure that
you have gloves a hat a scarf some sort
of a jacket and some sturdy shoes roll
these clothes things up together put them with your bug out bag place them in your car
if you need to make sure that whatever
bug out outfit you choose has layers so
that you can put more clothes on if it gets too cold take a few layers off if it gets
too warm because even in the summer if
you’re in the desert or the mountains it
might seem like a warm wonderful nice
day but when the sun
goes down it gets freezing cold and if
you live someplace that it’s cold and a
winter storm hits you’re going to want
every layer that you can find so it’s a
good time to go through your closet get
a complete outfit roll it up together
and be ready to have clean clothes no
matter what comes your way
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Tactical Flashlight Battery Where Can I Order

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  1. You mean I have to wear underwear?? 🀣🀣🀣 I suggest people check the clothes they put in their bag at least once a year. A couple of months ago I checked one of the bags I equipped at least 5 ago. I laughed my tail off when I saw how big & baggy the pants were. After zipping & buttoning, they fell off!! It was a good laugh.

  2. More solid info for troubling times. Carrying a winter jacket or coat anytime of the year could double as a sleeping system component. Perhaps strap it to the go bag in a plastic bag. Great info AG. The series of videos makes us all think outside the box. I have employed several already. Thank you. Keep them coming. K

  3. Granny…………….Bugging out for any reason is stupid! ALL your stuff is right there at home. If you are not flooded out and can stay at home………why would you ever leave?
    Again……..bugging out is totally insane.

  4. Always great ideas..i used to keep a change of clothing & some snacks in my car for my children..too jic just changed them out seasonally and as the grew T y A G God bless πŸ’šπŸ‘΅

  5. Love the practical no nonsense ideas. Also enjoy that you haven't turned into an infomercial channel. Kudos.

  6. I keep my bug out bags in my truck at all times. Each of my husband and my bags contain 2 T shirts, 2 long shelve shirts and 2 pair of jeans and 4 pair of underwear and socks. Caps, gloves and scarves Those are just the bare essentials in our bags. I also keep extra caps, gloves and shoes in my pickup all the time.
    I walked outside yesterday to head to the grocery store and was hit by extremely cold air. Got in my truck and grab one the knit caps and gloves. I made sure I left them there when I got home.

  7. Hopefully, more people will realize how easy it is to be more prepared. Because I'm packing for one, and that's me.