8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Battery Where Can We Buy At 7:45

  1. Thanks! It was hard to find, but is one of my most prized posessions. You could easily add a standard 12ga Orion flare pistol instead, its one third the cost of what I had to pay to get that flare pen. Good luck to you!

  2. Fishing kit, some sort of saw and ammunition for a gun that u would take to hunt for food

  3. Yup you're right on the saw and fishing kit. It's illegal to carry firearms in my area, but it would be nice to pack a .22 for emergencies. Thanks for watching!

  4. DONT buy one by Aquamira…this one broke. Get a Seychelle Advanced filter straw from ebay, it is the best place to find them

  5. excelent kit, you have some food and a big knife in this one, but i would still recomend a folding saw, good vid thanks.

  6. Great video, when possible i would only ad a small .22 firearm, and some fishing gear, along with fishing trace wire for snaring game. Otherwise it covers the bare necessities that is called for.