8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Battery Where Can We Shop At 18:38

  1. Quinoa would be a perfect grain to use in your kit as it's a perfect protein alone. Hemp protein can be used to make your own protein bars if you're allergic to soy or nuts. Alton Brown on food network had a "Good Eats" devoted to making your own nutrition bars, you can customize them to your needs. Beef Jerky can also be made if the ready made is outside your budget.

  2. you don't want canned food man, think as light as possible. Get those cheap noodles packs, get some individual meat servings. And you probably don't want a roller suitcase. If you're on back roads and possibly cutting through some woods, you might not be able to pull the thing.

  3. I'm new to the whole survivalist thing. but I'm set on protecting me and mine. after watching this video and reading the comments. I feel much better about my bug out bag.

  4. I just found you….♡ this video and your playlists…I can lean a lot from you…so I am subbing. The no You!