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  1. Thanks. The shelter looks good. However if you are evading and escaping an enemy with sophisticated sensors you have to eliminate your IR signature. I would pick an area where most of body heat will be shielded by the natural surroundings and above me I would place a heat shielding material beneath the camouflage like a thermal blanket. If you didnt have that then a think layer of dirt on a leantoo type of structure.

  2. BLISS is B=Blend, means to blend into your surroundings. L=Low, low in silhouette. I=Irregular, in shape no hard edges. S=small, 1 person width and length. S=Secluded, off the path away from natural lines of drift, streams and on hilltops or in valleys. sorry but i hate miss info being put out incorrectly. I am a Infantry combat veteran, SERE qualified, LRSLC certified and a survival enthusiast

  3. Great video ! But banging with that axe the zombies will hear you from miles away ! Also with the axe you will need a heavy Trauma Kit… Just added a Rip-Stop Nylon Poncho/Tarp with Grommets and Double Sided Snaps for emergency Shelter for the Day Pack. tjl