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  1. I bought their fiber obtic sights a couple of weeks ago..for less than 50 bucks, they are really good….The edges on the front sight are a little sharp but like you have done with your 709, i just smoothed them out.. good idea to take out and tighten it down!!.enjoy your vids.!!

  2. I just shot mine for the first time with the Lakeline LLC guide rod and my gun shoot without any issues. Before the new rod I was having issues. Thanks for the great video and information.

  3. Good job on the video. Taurus is low priced because Taurus uses really cheap parts to build their pistols. When one is finished replacing the cheap parts with good parts, ones ends up with a good solid pistol.

  4. Is it possible to stick up on the original part from Taurus??? Like can I buy 5 rods from the manufacture?

  5. Got my g2c in February the guide rod looked bent right from the start so it had to go, couldn't even tell you how it shot stock

  6. So what problems were you having that made this necessary? Do you have another video on it?