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  1. A good solid review. And indeed Sir, if it's really "tactical" it cannot fail when mounted on a shotgun etc. In many cases, companies apply the label of "tactical" and simply charge more money…..while there are so many less expensive options on the market that simply rock!!!

  2. Didn't know Wingman115 was an AO…same here…for that I'm going to follow you fellow ordie…IYAOYAS!!!..

  3. "tactical" does not mean its weapons rated… hell, even Surefire has lights they dont rate for weapons use and they are about as "tactical" as it gets. All in all, this is a great light that deserves more than 3 stars… it does everything that it is advertised to do and it does it for half the cost as its competition. I just wish they'd come out with a TN12 with this UI!

  4. I think Thrunite has fixed the problem…it was a problem with the soldering… They have since stopped production, fixed problem and selling again. I believe the "fixed" versions now come with the silver bezel instead of black….another YouTube channel, Survival on Purpose also reported this.