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  1. hey! get out of my pockets. lol. nice video and great way to break it all down. my edc is a Gerber dime and nitecore tube on my keychain, a go tube(with strike anywhere and lifeboat matches with tinder quiks, a mini compass and a length of Kevlar cord) inside and I also carry an its tactical mini kit.
    P.S. 10,000 bonus points for using the phrase, " all that jazz" in a edc discussion. subbed.

  2. I do the same, my edc varies on that day and i like to have options. So I have a variates of edc, on that day where am I going or what am I going to do that day. Good video keep up the good work!

  3. really good video man. i hate not having what i need and so ive made changes over the years. like you said most people are keys, wallet, phone. i smoke so cigarettes and a lighter. i like to do a knife, flashlight and multitool also.

    my favorite overall edc multi tool is the leatherman skeletool. it just works for me.

    knives and flashlights i switch up quite a bit. i jump from a spyderco paramilitary 2, microtech ultratech and zt 0450 a lot.

    sometimes i want a pen light so for that the preon p2 is my favorite. i just got an eagletac d25c ti and thats my current favorite with the nichia 219. if i get the d25a ti that will probably be my new favorite. surefire titan plus stays on my keychain as my backup, fury in my backpack, e2d at home, elzetta bravo with avs head on the ar.

    if i wont be using it much that day then it's my old streamlight microstream with a 10440 in it. outdoor? nitecore mt40. task lighting would be my thrunite tn12

  4. love this video. hope all newbies watch this one. it's all up up the person.

  5. Can you tell me why everyone needs to carry a knife ? Cannot understand the reason other than self defence. Great video btw