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Hey everyone.
David C. Andersen here, coming at you from
the KnifeCenter, and today we’re taking a
look at some of our favorite new 2019 offerings
from Gerber.
Let’s check em out.
So Gerber’s really been impressing us with
some of their new products this year, and
in front of me are a few of the items that
we think are really stand-outs in their new
The first one, following the runaway success
of their Flatiron folder last year, they’ve
come out with a fixed blade cleaver called
the Tri-Tip.
They named it that because of the shape of
the blade, which does have three points along
it, and even though it’s a small handle, you’ve
got plenty of girth here that you really feel
like you can put this to hard work.
This is gonna be great for utility work like
breaking down boxes or pallets, or any other
heavy jobs that you want the security of a
fixed blade to do.
You can really muscle through cuts when you
need to, but then when you choke up on the
blade, it orients the tip very nicely, and
you’re able to do some smaller, more precise
tasks as well.
They’ve also thinned out the leading edge
of the blade, and even though it’s not sharpened,
it’s still going to be useful for scraping
tasks, not quite like a chisel, but any other
things that you might need to do.
There’s a couple different variations, both
use 7Cr17MoV stainless steel, which is a bit
on the lower end, but it’s gonna be nice and
tough for a stainless, and it’s gonna be easy
to keep sharp.
You can get it with a black blade and green
aluminum handles, or a stonewashed blade with
black handles.
It also comes with a nice sheath, clips in
very nicely with a retention tab right here.
Push that down when you’re ready to take it
What’s nice about this sheath is it’s very
You can carry it vertically, or inverted if
you want, or even cross-draw.
It can be very handy from across the body,
or even at the small of your back.
Next up is the Key Note, which is a great
keychain-sized item from Gerber.
It has a very short and stout tanto-style
blade of stainless steel with a stonewashed
finish on this one.
Where this really excels is as a small box
opener or package cutter.
As small utility knives go, it’s gonna be
quite handy because it doesn’t take up a lot
of space.
It’s meant to be carried in a few different
ways, also.
Of course, it does come with a keychain here
on the end if you want to carry it on your
keys, but it also comes with a pocket clip
here if you want to carry it more conventionally.
Now, you can remove the pocket clip if you
want, which is gonna make it nice and slim,
and you can also remove that keychain, which
means it’s gonna slip in to just about any
space you need, and that includes that fifth
pocket in your jeans that’s gonna keep it
out of the way until you need it.
Now, it may look like there’s a small flipper
tab here, but this is not actually a flipper
You can see there is a nail nick here for
opening, but that little tab is designed to
kick-start the opening to give you a little
bit of a hand if you need it.
It’s only going to move the blade part-way,
at which point you can complete it one-handed,
or with two.
I also love the color on this one, with black
aluminum scales and orange accents on the
backspacer and the pivot collar, but you can
also get it with a black blade and a coyote
Next up, Gerber has always done a great job
with their pliers-based multi tools, and we
have a new addition to the Center-Drive family,
the Center-Drive Plus.
The claim to fame for these Center-Drive models
is the inclusion of a full-sized screwdriver
It has a liner lock to keep it stable, and
it even uses standard-sized bits, which means
you can tune this to exactly the jobs that
you need to do.
Apart from that, it has Gerber’s famous sliding
pliers mechanism with spring-loaded pliers.
On the inside of the tool we’ve got a few
other things that are a little bit different
than a lot of the competitors, and my favorite
is this combination bottle opener and nail
All the tools on this side lock into place,
disengaged by this tab here, and the other
side even features a small receptacle where
you can store a spare bit.
Where the Center-Drive differs from the standard
Center-Drive models, it replaces the internal
serrated blade with a nice pair of spring-loaded
scissors, and then the main blade, accessible
from the outside, changes from a plain edge
to combo edge, and it also features a liner
lock to keep it nice and safe.
Of course, Gerber does a lot more than just
knives and multi tools too.
They also do a lot of great camping and outdoor
gear, and the new ComplEAT multi tools are
a nice addition to the lineup.
This actually has four implements stacked
into one.
When we take them apart we have a small implement
here, which I’ll get to in a second, but we
also get a complete utensil set.
Rather than a spork, we actually get a full-sized
fork and spoon.
They’re available in several different colors,
made of aluminum, this one is the sage green.
We also get a small spatula, useful for camp
It has a silicone fin on this side, and the
other side features a serrated edge that’s
gonna work well for rudimentary cutting.
Back to that little implement, you’ve actually
got a lot of functionality packed into this
as well.
Any good camp set needs a can opener, and
we have that here on this side, as well as
a bottle opener on the back.
We’ve also got a small serrated section right
here that’s gonna be useful for trimming string
or opening packages, as well as an integrated
sharpened vegetable peeler on the back.
Where this set really shines, however, is
when you combine these two tools.
Now, normally, they stack up on the back,
but if you flip around and fit the fork this
way, you actually have a nice of springy tongs.
It’s a novel approach to the camping/eating
utensils, and we think they’re really cool,
and they’re nice and lightweight, affordable
to boot.
And finally, we’ve got my personal favorite
of the new items this year, and that’s the
American-made Fastball flipper.
I’ve been impressed with this knife ever since
they debuted it at SHOT Show earlier this
year, because the bearing-based pivot, and
the perfectly-tuned detent make for really
impeccable action on the Fastball.
They’ve also upped the materials quality on
this knife as well, using American-made S30V
for the blade steel.
The wharncliffe blade shape is fantastic with
a nice acute point that’s gonna make it very
easy to get daily tasks finished.
We’ve also got aluminum handle scales with
a reversible pocket clip for left or right,
tip up carry.
The black aluminum comes with this black stonewashed
blade, but if you prefer a standard stonewashed
finish, you can also get that either with
a sage green handle or a grey handle.
As I said, it’s got great action, it’s a great
size for EDC, nice and slim.
And I’ll be honest: I love seeing these made
in America.
So these are just a few of the cool new items
from Gerber in 2019.
Make sure to let us know in the comments what
you think of these.
But if you want to get your hands on any of
them, click the link in the description below
to head over to KnifeCenter.com.

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Tactical Flashlight Best Buy At Best Price

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    Then the stupid little square blade thing, that you need a "kick start" for? I think, no, I know, I could find something just as good in my random stuff drawer in the kitchen.
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