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SHTF Prepping how to prepare now emergency survival coronavirus covid riots protests financial meltdown what are you missing in your prepper stockpile covid do over
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper what should you be doing now to prepare SHTF isn’t just
some faraway thing anymore it’s here and
the predictions are this SHTF is going to be
worse in the fall and go clear through
next year pandemic civil unrest protests coronavirus financial meltdown if you weren’t getting a
wake-up call that things can go bad in a
hurry and it can go bad everywhere for
everyone then you need to think back
over what you’ve been through the last
two or three months what were the things supplies items shortages coronavirus covid 19 do over that you wish you’d had more of what
were the things food emergency supplies sanitation you wanted that you couldn’t find what are the things that
keep you awake at night emergencies that you’re afraid might be coming next those are
the things emergency situations you need to be preparing for violence hurricane tornado flood fire winter storm power outage civil unrest pandemic
not out of fear it’s so that you have
the insurance to know you can take care
of yourself if you don’t prepare you
should be scared because I don’t know
what you’re going to do rely on your
government rely on a handout rely on
your neighbors why wouldn’t you want to
rely on yourself we want to continue to
plan for an emergency situation like we’ve had coronavirus covid 19 pandemic economic job loss civil unrest protests riots so
you want to take stock here and today
what do I have what do I need what can I
do to meet those needs what emergency supplies do I need in my stockpile well it’s harder to get the free buckets at the grocery
store anymore especially if you aren’t
going to the store but I was able to
order some 5 gallon buckets food storage buckets and lids online from Home Depot and go
and pick it up in the parking lot curb side pick up Home Depot
actually had the 5 gallon buckets and the lids they’re not 5 gallon food grade buckets but if
you properly package your foods these 5 gallon buckets
are still going to work great the lids
include the little rubber gasket which
is what seals the air out so that your
food will last it’s airtight and
waterproof if you live in an area with
rodents and squirrels things like that
know that they can chew through buckets
I had squirrels chew through the
heavy-duty white buckets out of my
granny camp
that’s when food stored in cans are
going to be a better option foods have
been unavailable but they’re coming back
into the stores this is the time when
you need to be stockpiling food and supplies with
everything that you can if you can find
beans and rice in the store get them get
a variety pick up small packages of beans rice food so you have a variety beans and rice they’re only a dollar or
two a package and it can be the
difference whether you eat or don’t eat
in the future that’s one of the things
that I found during this last experience with coronavirus covid 19 shutdown lockdown pandemic stay home
that I didn’t have as much a variety of
some of my foods as I wished I had I
wanted to have more of a variety so
everything didn’t taste the same day
after day even if I mixed it up a little
differently it all tended to flow
together so get a variety of foods for your food storage stockpile you don’t have
to get just 20 pounds of one bean you
can get 20 pounds by getting two pounds
each of ten beans make sure you also
have rice it’s great to extend any of
these foods things that you have I also got
another package of oatmeal because
that’s great for breakfast I was able to
find pasta again even if you can’t find
the type of pasta you want or the shape
that you want get what you can get
because a few months ago there was none
on the Shelf pay attention to the shape
of your pasta because long things like
spaghetti and linguini fettuccini take
up much less space than if you get some
of the interesting shapes of pastas it’s
nice to have the other shapes but if you
don’t have room for a lot of food stick
with the smaller compact packages so you
can have more food in this smaller
amount of space look for things like
dehydrated potatoes you only need to add
water dehydrated muffin mixes noodle
packages any of that step that you just
basically add water and you’re good to
go even get some packaged foods like
macaroni and cheese
they aren’t going to have as long of a
shelf life as the rice beans oatmeal and
pasta which lasts nearly forever but
these things are great to have on hand
they last for many years and they’re
going to be a simple food that you can
make in an emergency something that you
can put on the table when you’re hungry
something you can make quickly even if
there’s no power and you have to use
your camping stove or something
these are simple foods that you can
prepare make sure you have a stockpile
of water that’s the most important prep
that we need to actually survive and no
matter what the emergency everybody
still needs water to drink water to cook
water to wash store all the water you
have room for and then make sure you
have a way to filter it if something
should happen and you don’t have access
to clean water anymore I pick these
foods up because they’re all going to go
into my bucket it’s not the premium way
to package them to just stick them in
there but for now I have extra food and
I am happy with that if you can still
get mylar bags that’s great seal them in
mylar bags if you don’t have mylar bags
add an extra ziploc bag around them
maybe seal them up in a food saver but
putting extra food away now is
absolutely so important we just had
hardships we don’t know what the crop
situation is going to be we do know you
can hear that there are droughts there
are floods they are plowing under foods
that we’re ready to go but there was no
way to take them to the store you can
look on all the emergency food sites and
they don’t have any food in stock we
hear on the news that they’re
slaughtering the animals but the meats are not going to the market it’s all getting
wasted take this as a wake-up call to
get all the food that you can that
you’re going to need for your family get
enough for a week get enough for two
weeks than a month and two months get as
much as you can and all of these things
only cost a few dollars but there is
going to be many servings of food that
will keep my family going then if you
don’t have a nice supply of
over-the-counter medicines pick them up
now while they’re available coming into
the next winter it’s going to be cold
and flu season anyway and if we have
another resurgence of the corona virus
or this covid 19 pandemic you want to be able to
take care of the symptoms the best you
can at home get some vitamin pills try
to get as healthy as you can because
your ability to resist disease is going
to be the long lasting success to any
emergency plan that you have and if you
need cleaning supplies and you can find
them get them if you need toilet paper
and paper towels and you can find them
get them I’ve rarely gone to the store
the last few months I’m thankful that I
have the things that I need to keep my
family going but the few times I have
been out they just haven’t had the basic
supplies beans rice oatmeal pasta toilet
paper cleaners
they just haven’t had those things the
shelves have been bare I’m starting to
see a few of those foods supplies toilet paper cleaning things now so I took
it as an opportunity to bulk up my food
storage and replace the foods that I’ve
been eating during this shutdown lockdown pandemic in our
society being a prepper allows us to
take care of ourselves so that we’re
prepared for the unknown and we’re not
scared of the unknown it gives you peace
of mind that you can do the best with
what you have no matter what comes
who wouldn’t want to have that peace of mind and that’s why we should all become preppers
if you enjoyed my video I hope
you’ll share it with someone else you think might like it
learn more at alaskagranny.com and please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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  1. Step 1: Pray to God. Cause if you are just starting, you are screwed.
    Step 2: …

  2. Hi AG, I just started saving some of the hamburger grease when I fry it up. I strain it in a jar and the small clumps of hamburger go back in the frypan. I noticed that the top of the hardened grease is the usual color of white. However, at the bottom of the container is a small amount of light brown which I assume is the hamburger juice. Is it okay for that small amount to be in the container? Can it be used? I just want to be safe. It's been years since I saved grease from cooking, but I am in the mode of 'throw nothing out.' thanks, Marcia

  3. Thanks Granny. I would also add to make sure you have some sort of first aid/trauma kit or supplies as well as a way to filter water. Additionally, pick up a portable (propane) gas stove (or a backup way to cook) that you can use in case your stove is inoperable.

  4. This is a perfect video for people in the NE, where I live. Because I can tell you that, either stores are replenishing well or people are dead asleep. Even with a trip to Walmart yesterday, they do not have any long term foods like Mountain House, Auguson Farms or any of the other brands. One would, absolutely, need to rely upon many of the foods you have in this video, which are still shelf stable. But, as I’m saying, if people wanted to buy freeze dried, long term food, not even my local Walmart has it.

    I’m trying to wrap up storing canned foods under my couch this week. It has taken me some time and effort as, I live alone in my apartment. I’ve had to buy a low profile car jack and jack up my couch onto furniture risers, in order to provide space for approximately 150 cans of meats, vegetables, beans, and fruit. I’ve mapped it out with BB and Exp dates, using Adobe Illustrator. It has been time consuming and I didn’t bother trying to catch any sales as, I knew I was starting late and I knew that, if people woke up, instead of assuming things were going to return to normal, there might be a stampede, that I don’t want to have to participate in.

    I continue to also stock up on food for my 2 cats as, I feel that, if meat disappears for long enough, we’ll soon find online “recipes” for pet food, in addition to recipes that include pets.

    Regarding water storage, I don’t have space for it so, I’ve purchased a LifeStraw and. Water Bob, in hopes that, if I have any heads up regarding a water shortage, I can fill the Water Bob with up to 100 gallons of water, right in my bathtub. The Life Straw would be for sipping from a pond or even a dehumidifier.

    Although I’ve seen many a video that has encouraged people to buy spices, yes, I have also bought varied items and will be placing them in a number of Mylar bags, so I have variations, including different food textures, for variety. I have milk in both tetra packs and powdered, as well.

    It has been expensive to ramp up prepping suddenly. But, yes, I feel much better knowing that I probably have at least 3-6 months worth of food here, for both myself and my pets.

    As preppers need to maintain OpSec, while I don’t know how many people I know are preppers, I’d have to say that 99+% of them are not. Their focus is more on the politics and economics of the situation at hand, with still the feeling that it isn’t possible, as US citizens, to go hungry. Yes. Yes, it is.

    And, I would impress on others to prep but, when you do so, it is not what they hear. The ONLY thing they hear is that YOU have and they will ABSOLUTELY be knocking on your door, if the worst should happen.

  5. If you are growing a vegetable garden, have productive fruit trees or you gather a lot of wild berries, consider investing in a good quality food dehydrator (such as an Excalibur 9-tray model). If you dehydrate your extra fruit and vegetables, you can package this food in gallon size Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and keep in labeled cardboard boxes in a cool, dry, vermin-free pantry for twenty years or more. Which is way longer than home canned fruits and vegetables can store without loss of quality. You can also dehydrate those big bags of frozen fruit or veggies that you can buy at the wholesale clubs and at Wal-Mart (put the frozen food on the dehydrator trays, let defrost and then dehydrate as usual) and this costs far less than a supply of #10 cans of dried fruits and veggies from a food storage company. I place non-stick, food-safe, plastic sheets (available from the Excalibur company) on my dehydrator trays when dehydrating juicy, thawed fruit or drained canned fruit to keep the juice from dripping to the bottom of the dehydrator. Keep in mind that a major advantage of dehydrated fruit and vegetables is these foods can be allowed to freeze in an unheated room without damage. You cannot say the same for wet fruit and veggies packaged in metal cans and glass jars. Dehydrated food storage is the way to go if you are concerned about prolonged power outages in winter.

    Granulated cane sugar, sea salt and raw honey will keep forever in cool, dry, vermin-free storage area and could be hard to get and more expensive after an economic collapse. Store some iodized salt too to use in your cooking because the iodine helps prevent goiter.

    Now is a good time to stock up on bar soap, laundry soap, bottles of liquid dishwashing detergent (the original type Dawn is the gentlest on the hands), bottles of inexpensive basic shampoo (such as Suave brand), jugs of liquid laundry detergent, solid stick antiperspirants/deodorants and non-prescription tablets (aspirin, acetaminophen, naproxen, bismuth/Pepto-Bismol…), cough drops, multi-vitamins and ascorbic acid powder (cheap Vitamin C). If you like fancy scented or herbal shampoos, buy some small bottles of essential oils (rosemary, tea tree, rose, vetiver…) and add a few drops to that cheap bottle of Suave shampoo.

    Now is a good time to buy bleach tablets and bleach crystals — if you can find them — because they will store far longer than liquid bleach. Bottles of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are also good to have for disinfecting hard surfaces, if you cannot get any Lysol or Clorox wipes or sprays.

    Now is a good time to make sure you have an extra supply of bath towels, face cloths and facial tissues in storage. It is also good to stock up on rolls of aluminum foil, rolls of paper towels, and boxes of food storage bags and kitchen garbage bags. All these products could be hard to find or to afford after an economic collapse but can store for decades until needed. And of course, you want to have a supply of toilet paper, just in case the idiots in your community panic again and buy the entire supply in 24 hours.