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– Today, how to survive
all sorts of concerns,
fears, kill germs, and more
importantly, what not to buy.
(gentle music)
I’m not really just telling
you what not to buy.
I don’t even know if you can
buy this in stock anywhere,
those face covers.
But more importantly,
at a time where a lot
of people are concerned,
I profiled products
independently in the past.
If this is redundant for you, I apologize,
but so many people
asking me to revisit ways
to kill the germs on your tech
and then how to sort fact
from a frugal fiction,
and I’m doing that.
I’ve actually spoken all over the country
about germ killing, from shopping channel,
NBC, ABC, you name it.
I’m your guy for this.
You’ve never seen me before.
I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite.
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Before I show you my
five favorite products
to survive most emergency situations
on mattsdailydeals.com,
you’re gonna find all of the coupon codes
you need to lower prices
and then things on deals on lighting
and survivalist products.
Those are awesome.
Now first thing’s first, before I get to
one of my favorite tech sanitizers.
A lot of people are
wiping down their tech.
You don’t wanna do that.
Your touch screen will stop working.
It can possibly damage the device.
Don’t start using these germ killers
on anything other than
your smart phone case,
and it deposits a residue on your case,
which again creates kind
of like a stickiness.
A lot of people are also
dousing their bodies
in hand sanitizer.
The Health Department right now
is recommending that you wash your hands
for at least 20 seconds.
Get a soap that kills germs.
This is the soap that I like.
You use the soap that you like.
Whatever it is, you don’t need to be using
hand sanitizer in that velocity.
I realize hand sanitizer is great
if you’re not near a sink and warm water.
But right now, get yourself
to a sink with warm water,
and that is the recommendation.
Now, when it comes to your tech,
I’m gonna show you really quickly
how to kill the germs on your smart phone,
and this includes a device that will
charge and sanitize up to
99.9% of the germs on it.
All you have to do is plug this
included micro USB cord into here,
and this product is going to go to work.
Now there is an essential
oil aroma therapy,
which I used a little bit.
You can see there’s a
little bit of residue there.
That’s because I didn’t pour properly.
But anyhow, I barely use
it for the aroma therapy.
These days, it’s all
about sanitizing this,
and let’s start with the basics.
So if you were to
sanitize your smart phone,
you simply put it in face down,
and that will sanitize one side.
You can also see there’s a
UV sterilization light here
that’ll hit the upper part,
the case of the phone,
but if you wanna be completely safe,
remove your case and sterilize
your case separately.
It depends how concerned you are.
So you put this in, it will
not harm your smart phone.
It’ll actually charge your smart phone
if you choose to include the Qi charger
and then you just click,
and it will sterilize.
It will turn off when it’s done,
usually getting the job
done in about five minutes.
There’s no harm in leaving this overnight.
It has an auto shut off and
will continue to charge.
We’re gonna do the case, same thing.
And if you actually look very careful,
let me see if I can show this to you,
when I very carefully lift the lid,
do you guys see that light on in there,
you can see this is at work,
and it’s also important to note
what distinguishes this from
other sterilization units.
Now I’ve tested other products
like PhoneSoap and different things.
This has a UV sterilization
zone right here,
and then another one too.
And then on top of that, you
have that wireless Qi charger.
So this goes far beyond
anything else on the market.
But think of other things you wear
that never get cleaned.
Your sunglasses, right on in there.
You could sterilize those no problem.
That would be really effective,
especially for other things that
you wouldn’t even think about.
I only thought about this
when I saw my daughter trying
to put car keys in her mouth.
You put your car keys in, right?
Sterilize those.
Five minutes, you’re good.
And I know we have such a focus right now
on our smart tech wear, but look.
This is the grime that was on
an Apple Watch in my house.
I don’t even know where this came from.
It’s not something you would think of.
The screen is just like disgusting.
You put this in and same thing,
you’re sterilizing.
So, for all of those things,
would it be appropriate to put soap on it
or disinfect it, or spray
that can ruin the screen
or the touch capabilities,
or even leave a residue on it?
They say that money is one of the
dirtiest things that
you could ever handle.
What about your credit card?
How many times does your
credit card exchange hands?
This is my key to getting
that peace of mind
with a product that is clinically proven
to kill the germs that I depend upon,
and I’m doing it in a matter of minutes
with absolutely nothing
to do other than hit that.
For emergency lighting,
I’ve done flashlight
break downs in the past,
but my favorite emergency lantern
has a flashlight built in.
I will allow you to see in the dark
if your power goes out
of I you have basically the need
for an emergency kit all wrapped up
into one lighting device
that you can then hang,
even put this up and
project the light around you
in the circumference of the room.
This is a great grab.
You buy more than one,
and this price drops to $14.99.
The third product is a way to kill germs
on your toothbrush.
I’ll show you how to
work this in a moment.
But basically rather than spreading
germs from one toothbrush to the next,
unless you’re willing to
dispose of your toothbrush
every day and open a new one,
which is completely unrealistic,
whether you have an electric toothbrush
or one that you’ve got from your dentist
or a manual toothbrush,
you put this in face down.
And in eight minutes, 98%
of the germs are killed.
Let me show you how to use this.
Now because this does hold a charge
and allow you at least 12 uses,
imagine this either mounted
beautiful in your bathroom.
Or, if you do wanna charge in between,
you could put this beside your sink.
You could travel with this.
It has a USB charge
port which is included.
If I was going to charge this,
I would simply put this into here.
But with its own external power,
let’s just imagine this
in an everyday situation.
You can see right now there’s an LED light
that UV sterilization visible.
When this is typically being
used and you open this up,
you’re not going to see
anything when you open this.
That’s just a safety mechanism,
but also ensures this product
is not running unnecessarily
to drain your batter life.
This hole here is something
that could be used
to store the bottom of
an electric toothbrush,
or, more importantly, toothpaste.
You can put that in.
It’s a toothpaste holder as well.
But this is where the magic happens,
and I actually wanna remove the toothpaste
so I can show you how this works.
When you have an electric toothbrush
or a manual toothbrush,
you can sterilize as many as you want,
and there’s absolutely
no cross contamination.
So, typically, if toothbrush heads touch
when they are being stored,
you’re moving your cold or flu
form one toothbrush to the next.
In eight minutes, all
of these will be clean
where I could put every single one
in my mouth if I wanted to.
I could put my daughter’s toothbrush here,
really anyone in my household.
To turn this on, you simply
hit the power button.
As long as your toothbrushes are in there,
they are being sterilized.
You could bring this
with you when you travel.
If there’s, for example, a housekeeper
using all sort of cleaning agents.
Not to be disgusting, but
I’m sure you guys know
how close your toilet is
to where you keep your toothbrushes.
If you have them in a dimly
lit cabinet that’s covered,
it can attract all
other sorts of bacteria,
microorganisms onto the toothbrush.
You don’t wanna do that.
And if you have them out in the open,
well, if you flush your toilet
or anything else goes on in the bathroom,
even washing your hands, which have germs,
near your toothbrush
is a quick easy way to
contaminate a tooth brush.
As I’ve said, it’s unrealistic
to be throwing out your
toothbrush every day
and using them one time only.
So, this is a great way to ensure
for that next brushing
that your mouth is safe
and clinically proven
to kill 98% of infections and germs
on the end of your toothbrush.
And finally, my fifth favorite
product under 20 bucks
is something that I profiles recently.
It is a multi-tool.
It’s a saw, it’s a knife,
it’s an emergency cutter,
it’s a pair of pliers.
It could help with wires or screws,
different areas of your home
that need immediate attention,
and it also travels really easily with you
wherever you’re going.
Let’s take this out of
the included carrier.
You’re gonna see this
is pretty much the size
of a Leatherman or multi-tool,
or Swiss Army knife,
but this goes so much further beyond
what those tools provide.
First thing’s first.
You are not going to find a
set of pliers this functional
or on a Swiss Army knife.
So right off the bat, you get that.
This also doubles as a measuring tape
or, for example, if you
were using something
where you need to be very precise
with any type of measurements.
Anything from installing a TV mount
to something you might
be doing around the yard.
You have measuring here, which is great.
Let’s take the first safety off,
so we can go into here and look
at the different components.
First things first, you
get a serrated knife,
and there’s some great
safety features built in.
You’ll hear, when I
put this down, a click.
That’s great because
this hold this in place
if you do need to cut,
and I’ll show you how to
release this in a second.
Then you get a bottle opener,
great for obviously opening bottles.
You have what could
function as an Allen key
or this could be actually a type
of screw driver I like there,
but you also get a really
nice size Philips screwdriver.
I’ve used this already
to tighten door locks
if you are doing any
type of cabinetry work
where something needs to
be fastened or mounted.
This would be a great thing to include.
And then you also get a saw.
same thing that we’re
gonna do with the saw,
I mean on a camping trip,
many other uses for this
could come into play.
When I put this down,
and it locks into place.
The second you wanna
release any of these items,
you just press from the bottom right here,
and then everything can be
safely put back into place.
And that’s just the first side.
Let’s open up the second side.
First thing you get is a filer.
I would not use this.
I don’t file my nails as you can tell,
but I would use this
to sand something down.
This can come in very
handy, and it’s a nice size.
From flathead screwdrivers
to more openers and…
I love this.
Look at the stainless steel on here.
It’s really…
Even on this blade,
just as you would have several blades
with the Swiss Army knife.
By the way, how many of you are watching
when I’m gonna cut myself?
Don’t worry, I’ve practiced.
This blade right here is very sharp
and something that you could use
if you’re on a camping trip
and you need to take bark off of a branch
or setting a fire for a
campsite, this would be ideal.
And the whole thing,
this entire multi-tool,
which you can then compress back
into something,
that is not only pocket size,
but you can wear this, carry it with you.
This is now pocket size.
I’m gonna show you just
how compact this is.
The included carrier fits
right into your pocket.
Or if you wanna take it out
of the carrier as I often do,
you can see just how small this is.
Is that a multi-tool in your pocket?
Are you just happy to save money?
All of these deals live right
now on mattsdailydeals.com,
and yes this is great to protect your life
or any family member that you have
in an emergency situation.
They’re also highly practical products
where if we’re not dealing
with power outages,
or tornadoes, or hurricanes,
or declared states of emergency.
This is great for walking your dog.
This is great for tackling
household projects
and not calling a handy person.
This is great for flu season.
This is great because our phones
are disgusting no matter what.
And who doesn’t just wanna
wash their hands effectively
because you can get sick
at any point from anything.
And sometimes not buying into the hype
and spending so much money on
hand sanitizers that you
can even buy right now.
Good old soap will just take care of that
and dry your skin out less
because it doesn’t have
as much alcohol in it.
There, cheers to that.
Feel free to leave me a comment.
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I was just trying to
try and satisfy the subscriber demand
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