5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Best One Where Can I Buy At 1:43

  1. Great review Wiggy. I just received two Tac Force knives(brown, & gray camo) as a gift, they seem solid. Brown one seems to open better. How much are the Prepper Gear Box subscriptions?

  2. watching this is dejavu lol. my video i just did yesterday. i was wearing one part tiger stripe. one part woodland. but my coat was woodland and my pants tiger lol. i was at my lean to shelter as well. cool gear you got in this box. fire starter is cool. pack etc. i love tiget stripe. i wore my full tiger stripe in my new video called m4 commando killer. dont know if you like the tv show finding bigfoot. but bobo is in my new video at my survival shelter etc. keep up the good work.