8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Best Shop Online At 6:39

  1. It should be illegal to sell this product – more likely to get someone killed than to save someone's life. If you go out thinking that is a survival kit, you're gonna die. Like another quarter inch of strike pad would have been too much and consumed the profit margin on this product? Lol. And I do admire the fortitude of some of these sales channels. You guys are tough to get through some of this stuff.

  2. I bought the smaller version. I stuck a bic and a bunch of birthday candles in the pouch. I haven't found much of anything that will fit in the handle but I'm working on it. Hung a whistle on the lanyard.

  3. Not long ago, I tested a multitude of "button compasses) and found over 80% defective! There is only one manufacturer of button compasses that are guaranteed to work and i have never seen one fail but, they are over $20.00. Then again, how much is your life worth?