9 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Brightest Shop Online At 1:40

  1. Looking all over to see how to recharge this little wonder. Finally, found what I was looking for. If you thought your video would of help people in how to use of this device, you were right. Thank you for this video.

  2. Haha I was wondering what the hell the cable was for how strange but it works but strange thanks for the info!

  3. Thanks for your video I didn’t really know how to change it & now I know so thank you. I’m leaving for vacation tonight & my carryon has a spot for an external battery my old battery died & I bought this. I used it once already on the plane to & from my vacation. I used 1 USB port for my IPad & the other for my iPhone 📱 on the plane but again I wasn’t sure how to charge it. I had no idea the odd looking charging cable went into a wall charger so I have it charging now. Your video was really really well done so thanks a million again.

  4. My friend gave it to me because she couldn’t figure out how to charge it. And I’m not gonna lie I couldn’t figure it out either but after I saw you’re video I was like… awww, duh!!! Thanks you so much, review was super helpful my friend!!!

  5. Thanks for this video! I have the smaller version of this but the recharge wire is the same so this helped!

  6. What type of wall outlet do you use to plug it in? I tried one with the regular usb outlet box and it didn’t work