3 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Brightest Where To Buy Near Me At 18:39

  1. The hole the the top of the bag, where you said is where one could hang the bag, is actually a "media cord outlet/hydration hose outlet".

  2. My suggestions:
    32oz stainless steel wide mouth bottle by 'guyot'
    A Life straw
    3+ means of fire starting, including a magnesium fire starter and petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls
    A fixed blade knife, like a buck knife, with sheath
    An SOL 2 person emergency bivvy
    Wet ones wipes
    Bug repelent
    Lensatic compass
    Some form of compact pry tool
    Pocket screwdriver with multiple interchangeable bits, like one made by 'Stanley'
    4-way water key
    Foil packaged foods, high in calories, like tuna in olive oil and spam.
    …I could go on and on, but those are my must-have items

  3. This is a new side of you I was not aware of my friend!!!! LOL
    I know this is an old video but great set up. I like that small fishing pole, did you ever get a chance to try it out!
    I like the exercise band added to the pack and the idea of adapting it to a slingshot, multiple uses, great idea!!
    I really did enjoy this, well done.