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  1. I like this one because the trigger seems very simple, not tons of notches and angles. Very cool Sigma3 team, is there any chance making it too heavy will wreck the animal to the point of spoiling the meat? either way thanks for sharing Rob and the Sigma3 team.

  2. I stumbled across you by accident and glad I did! shame u didn't live in france as I would love to attend your classes but America to far for me.I would certainly recommend you tho.What are your prices for survival school? PS it was hard for me to make out where all the cord goes in setting the trap?And what did the long pole on the underside attatch to? Sometimes hard for me to make out what u are saying as the sound on this laptop is CxxP thankyou

  3. Great job. Tip: keep the weight as high up as you can for leverage when falling and keep your trigger stick (the one the flips up) as short as you can. It makes it faster.

  4. Smear your peanut butter on the underside of the stick. Yes, it's easier for you to put it on the top and sides where you can see it, but if the animal has to get to the underside to lick it off then he's going to have to really work at it and will probably dislodge the trigger in the process. And put bait on the ground. They'll knock the stick out of the way to get to the bait.