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  1. i really liked your idea of having your beverage sugar/creamer etc pre mixed in 1 container. i have done the same thing for years and it is something most people overlook.. great kit by the way very well thought out…..only thing i would add is a couple butane lighters and a good quality axe…

  2. thanks man 🙂 … good tips only im one of those "no axe idiots" lol .. actually have a 2 pound bowie knife now so more or less an axe .. also i have a small axe that weight exactly the same as the ontario marine raider bowie and so i feel a fair comparison video coming up soon 🙂 lots of people compare them without having identical weight and length … something I have achieved with these that I have… also should do an update video on the kit …

  3. when you are out working you sweat a lot and you loose salts i suggest filing one with salt and also maybe another with some antibiotic cream the last thing you want is an infection when you are far from any help

  4. The knives and torches were cringe worthy, but other then that a very well constructed sort of kit, well done.

  5. yes the 2 large knives were crap for sure the folder and the others are still going strong but torches are amazing .. for the price … ive kicked them around dropped them and stood on them and theyre holding up fine 🙂 the torches in particular I feel were well worth the money… thanks for the sub … the large knives have been replaced with some decent ones now 🙂

  6. RE:- borderraven 1 year ago
    I like the idea of carrying cotton balls and petroleum jelly separate, then mixing as needed. I carry a 2:1 antiseptic mix of isopropyl alcohol 91% and hydrogen peroxide 3%, in a 4 ounce bottle, and 8-16 ounces of isopropyl alcohol 91% for stove fuel, but I might adjust my kit.

    A road flare is a Big Match for making emergency fire. YMMV

    …………………thanks 🙂 what does ymmv mean?

  7. Love the vid man, appreciate the upload and great tip on the kitchen roll, didn't even cross my mind to use it over using toilet paper! Oh and i don't really have an idea for other things to store in the glass jars but it would be great if you could use an organic or toxic free washing up liquid as i assume you pour the soapsuds after cleaning into a river or on the ground and it's actually alot more harmful to the ecosystem it's contaminating than you'd think :/. Keep up the good work!

  8. I didn't read the comments first….lol you already mentioned my recommendations. Ummm fill one full of plutonium and the other full of 100% ddt..haha jk

  9. My suggestion as to what you could put in your containers… Porter's Liniment Salve. Fantastic stuff. You may also consider keeping a sillcock key in your pack. It gives access to water that's behind a locked door on the outside of some buildings. Nice video by the way.