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– Now, one question
I always get is
what the heck is in
your pack, Coyote?
So what we’re gonna do today is
take off Coyote’s pack
and see what’s in it.
(dramatic music)
So, this is my adventure pack.
This goes absolutely
everywhere with me.
And it changes based on
what location we’re in.
So right now we are
in central Ohio.
We’re in the process
of filming Dragon Tails
and Coyote’s Backyard.
So I’ve got my kit in here
that’s specifically designed
for those locations.
Now, with Dragon
Tails, specifically,
on the outside I
always carry my scales.
I’ve got my typical
50 pound scale
for most snapping turtles
that we come across.
This is the hundred pounder,
and it’s what we use to weigh
alligator snapping turtles
and the common snapping turtles
that are over 50 pounds.
Now, this is the part of my pack
that usually
doesn’t get too wet.
This is where I keep my iPhone.
I use my iPhone for taking
a lot of the photographs
that you guys see on
Instagram and on Facebook.
I also have a bandanna
in there because
for some reason I feel
I may wanna wipe mud
off of my face.
We know I get mud all
over me all the time.
All right, moving down
to this part of the pack.
This is something
that I take with me
absolutely every
location I go to.
This is a snake bite kit.
Fortunately I’ve never been
bit by a venomous snake.
I’ve never had to use it.
But even in Ohio I
like to make sure
that I have this with me.
I don’t know how well it works
because I’ve never used it,
but if I’m ever tagged
by a venomous snake,
I guarantee you, you
guys are gonna see this
come out of my bag.
And we’ll find out if it works.
I have all these cool
little packs as well
from T3 Tactical.
I love these things.
They’re great for
keeping all your gear in.
This one I keep my
Petzl headlamp in.
This guy’s perfect
for when we’re out
on the night adventures
looking for snapping turtles,
looking for creatures
in the desert.
You name it, this
has been with me
on almost every
single adventure.
Then I’ve got my rope pouch.
You never go out into the wild
without some trusty paracord.
Just in case I need to hang
something up in a tree,
I need to secure some tarps
to keep us out of the rain.
All sorts of uses for paracord.
I also carry with me a
compass everywhere I go.
And it also has a signal mirror.
See that?
In case I get lost, you can
use this to signal for help,
and use the compass
to help get yourself
out of any lost situations.
Fortunately, we don’t
usually get lost.
Oh, this is an important one.
This is a advanced
medical kit with QuikClot.
Having a first aid
safety kit is something
you always wanna have with you
on any adventure.
This also has band
aids, has gauze,
has needles, has just about
anything that you need
if you were injured
out here in the wild.
Let’s see what other sort
of goodies we have in here.
Oh, this, Reptiles and
Amphibians Field Guide
with awesome color images.
Now, I know most of the
reptiles and amphibians
I’m gonna come across
on these adventures
because I do a lot of
research in advance.
Extra pair of socks.
Now you guys know
I get soaking wet
and super muddy.
But it feels really good
at the end of the day
to take off those
wet muddy boots,
those soggy socks,
and put on a nice
fresh dry pair.
Of course, I’m just
gonna stick these back
into the squishy boots,
but just for that 30 seconds
when your feet are dry and warm,
trust me, it’s worth it.
I always carry with me
a little field journal
that I can write notes in.
Whew, I got lots
of stuff in here.
Back to the first
aid and safety,
I always carry with me
antibacterial lotion
and just simple Wet One wipes
in case you have
to go you know what
when you’re out there.
And if you’re bitten by snakes,
clawed up by prickers,
turtle claws, you
wanna make sure you
clean out your wounds
as good as you can.
Let’s see, in this
important pocket up here,
permits for any
location that I go to.
You guys often wonder,
how do you get to go
into all these cool places?
Well, we work with
park districts,
and we make sure that we
always have permission
to come to these
locations ahead of time.
Keep these in a zip lock bag
to make sure that they’re dry.
And so it’s OK for us to
be out here in the wild
looking for all
these cool animals.
Last, but not least,
I always carry with me
an extra pocket knife
just in case.
And this is my kit for whenever
I’m in a swamp environment
like central Ohio,
the Everglades,
or anywhere that I’m
gonna be catching turtles,
snakes, alligators,
or a number of other
creepy crawlies that
call home to the wild.
I’m Coyote Peterson.
This morning we’re
in the Sonoran Desert
exploring the backside
of Cat Mountain.
Sun’s just cresting
over the horizon,
which is the perfect
time to find reptiles.
Let’s break trail and
see what we can find.
(dramatic music)
The southwest hails as an epic
backdrop for any adventure,
and there’s no location
more picture perfect
than the Sonoran Desert.
Toady the crew and
I are headed out
to capture some of this beauty,
but trust us when we say look.

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Tactical Flashlight Bulb Types Where To Shop Online

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