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  1. What are your thoughts on using a heavier material like a sweatshirt? I find safety longsleeve shirts at thrift stores cheap. They are orange or fluorescent and 100% cotton

  2. I think a Zebralight headtorch would be an awesome option for candle power (candling device). I have the one powered by a single AA (but it can also take a Lithium Ion 14500 Battery). It is a right angle torch so you can stand it upright on a hard surface, clip it onto clothing or a hat/cap brim or wear it in the headlamp strap. It's also waterproof sealed with an o-ring and extremely durable being made of machined aluminium and no plastic (I have had too many Petzel and Black Diamond headlamps snap on me to ever use plastic ones). http://www.zebralight.com/H52-AA-Headlamp-Cool-White_p_131.html

  3. Dave, you probably won’t see this on this old video but man… I recently held a unit safety meeting to take our guys out west. I talked about hydration on the flight line, sunscreen, the importance of not getting too drunk off duty so you can’t work the next day you know the basics. I thought I had it covered. Then we had 3 squids get lost AF out in the mountains without even any water on them. They stumbled upon a ranger station that luckily was manned due to it being fire season. Basically I failed to talk about the 10c’s despite knowing them. Not that it’s my fault or anything but dang. Next time we’re gonna have at least a brief discussion of wilderness survival. We did with the next group going hiking. Thanks for the great work for all these years.

  4. David : Even this series being 4 years old, I have found it INVALUABLE !!!! You're a GREAT TEACHER & PROFESSIONAL, and You've explained everything CRISTAL CLEAR !!! I'm going to research online, you're courses, for dates & locations, for future reference, and explore the possibility of assisting to one of your COURSE . MASSIVE THANKS !!!