6 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Bulk How Can I Buy At 20:43

  1. Might as well call that a bushcraft kit, 95% made with modern tools 5% actually natural stuff.

  2. My kit is very similar because i like being a minimalist but i do have an awl a two in roll off tape & a pouch that doubles as a tarp great video thanks

  3. why would you prepare for going into the wild, when using primitive, you should be able to make everything you need, cans an hobby stuff, an steel knives, is not primitive dudet.

  4. Thank you my friend for sharing your fine video. It was a great review of the required items for outdoor survival and bushcraft. Be safe out there. 🤗

  5. You lack the cover element in the first five C's I would add at least one cover element in there. You can get a 9×12 piece of plastic from home Depot for like three or four dollars. It's also very small and packable, it would fit in your your your satchel very nicely. I mean just in case you never know right you want to stay dry.