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  1. I tested this PowerCore 20100 charger on the Nexus6P and the estimated charge time from 32% power was 1h45min. I then directly tried another charger, the Anker Astro E5 power bank and it estimated charge time from 32% power was 1h10min. Clearly the Astro E5's 3.1a output was better than this 4.8a output in my case.

    Also this charger has a cheap plastic finish and no flashlight built in. Looks and feels cheaply made. The charge indicator LED's have an annoying flicker to them. They bother my eyes slightly when I look at them. Funny the camera in this video shows a strange PWM effect on those annoying LED's but the Astro E7 shown it looks fine on the camera. Cheap made Powercore proof!

    I had no idea there was a cheaper value line like this power core lineup. The Astro series are way more premium than this and they have normal solid charge LED's that are bigger, do not flicker and are easier to see. They have a premium fit and finish and a flashlight built in for only a few dollars more.

    Also the Anker Astro E5 is 16000mah is about half inch smaller than this powercore so the trade off of 4000mah and the additional flashlight is worth it. Not to mention a way better looking fit and finish.

  2. Thanks for the info, I like the 26000 getting it.They are only $39 and $49 on amazon now.

  3. BIG thumbs up, and subscribe. I've spent DAYS on the Anker site trying to figure out what all those products did. I got NOTHING. No way to compare, no recommendations for what do with the items… no real compatibility specs… After eight minutes and fifty-two seconds watching your video, I'm completely informed. Thanks. Now I gotta go check out the rest of your video reviews. Brilliant… again… THANKS!

  4. Thank you very much my friend. I am going on a trip to Mexico this power bank will do me great since I will be touring around.

  5. Excellent product. The Powercore 20100 if its fully charged and I wanted to keep it in a storage just for emergency use, how many days/months can store the power to an optimum level?

  6. I just got one of these and I've had it charging for a couple hours and it looks like its still at half or less battery its blinking on the second dot… how long does it usually take to full charge the battery bank?

  7. prepare for steady influx of views from people lookin to buy external power sources for pokemoN gO