9 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight By Police Buy In Store Nearby At 2:41

  1. You should think about using a jerry can instead because of the plastic with the heat in so cal

  2. Fortunately, you have the benefits of not living where temps drop in the winter time below freezing for weeks at a time. Storing water/liquid meds 🙁

  3. Another Vehicle EDC that can save 10 000 people with bullet chest wounds or can even cut a tree with your knife (because you always have to right ?) but not even an extra pair of socks !!!!! … but has 10 different bandanas. Also, wouldn't want to have to haul that big thing (it has already been said)

  4. I live in California too. My understanding is that you can’t carry a fixed blade knife concealed in the pack. That’s why I carry a folded knife in my pack.
    Am I correct with this?

  5. I dont have a EDC vehicle but I have a SHTF vehicle witch is a street legal/off road motorcycle. If SHTF I want to leave the city, streets and highways going to be pack like sardines can.

  6. I know this video is old, but you should consider distilled water instead. It's still drinkable, but can also double as water for your radiator if you have a cooling issue in your vehicle in a pinch.