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  1. things to add to your first aid kit: duct tape, electrical tape, alcohol wipes.

    things to add to your survival kit in general: a real compas, those compas's you get on walking sticks or in this case wistles are no good. hard candy such as a jolly rancher or 4, an "energy bar", a signal mirror, empty ziplock bags(for catching and storing rain/river/stream water, and a strip of micropure water treatment tablets

  2. i have the same compass and whistle do you know it has a fire starter on the side of it its steel for fires ind i got a fire going with it nice kit

  3. @AKBOY92 dude u cant fold it back because they're not suppose to be reusable. websites do sell reusable ones for like 16 bucks

  4. this kids got his head on straighter than most people. BRAVO! however, i'd at leaast get a signal mirror

  5. Hi, I was wondering, I've been making spoons and pipes and stuff out of wood…is it dangerous at all to harvest wood that you dont know if its toxic or not..is there a way to tell if it is?