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  1. Great video! Thanks! I have been through one major earthquake, and two mandatory wild fire evacuations. I am shocked at how many people do not prepare for their pets! In addition to pet food, make sure that you have water for them also. I evacuated with a 130 lb malamute once, and he drank a lot of water! Also keep copies of their medical records, especially proof of rabies vaccinations. This is very important if you are staying in a pet friendly temporary shelter, or are forced to board them, (I have prepared to camp out in my Jeep with my animals if I have to. I don’t want to leave them someplace with out me if I don’t have to). Keep a picture of them also, and not just on your phone. Current name tags, a collar and leash, even for a cat! Even if microchipped, there might not be a scanner available if you get separated from them. I keep a pheromone calming spray in my cat’s evacuation bag, this is a must for my boy,
    along with treats and toys. I also keep his cat carrier out, at all times, in the living room with a blanket in it. He hangs out in it and is not scared to be crated. Nothing is worse that trying to shove a 20 lb freaked out animal with claws into a tiny box when you yourself are jacked up on adrenaline with flames in view as you try to bug out!

    A battery operated crate fan is also handy if you are fleeing in the heat of the summer and are stuck in traffic and don’t want to overheat your vehicle by running the AC. Your pet can very easily overheat. A pet first aid kit, cat litter, litter box and doggy poop bags are also a must.

    Currently I only have the one cat. His “to go” stuff (in addition to mine), is handy at all times. Don’t count on the nearest store to have supplies for your pets. During my first evacuation I was super stressed out, and had forgotten cat litter, so I stopped at the only store near my evacuation area. The shelves were bare! No cat litter, or pet food to be had! Lesson learned, don’t expect supplies of any kind to be waiting for you at the other end!

  2. pet food is an amazing idea. imagine all the easy trapping. basically free food. dogs and cats have tons of meat. great idea love it

  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste and toilet paper makes life easier and help calm you down too. Also, keep those documents in a zip lock bag (not that paper envelope) as if they get wet they are useless.

  4. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for shtf survival tips try Lonnonnar Survival Quickie (search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got great results with it.