10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Canadian Tire Buy Satisfaction Guaranteed At 22:52

  1. @bladespec Thanks man,the Dragonfly looks awesome but can't bring myself to pay that much for such a tiny knife lol,funny story man,take care!

  2. @CutleryNovice Love my Skyline! Also have a Kershaw Clash that I like a lot… What is/are your favorite knifes?

  3. @f0xmuld3r The Skyline rocks! I've handled 2 Kershaw Clashes,1 was bead blasted the other was blackened and I thought they were excellent knives,my favorite value folders are the:

    Spyderco Tenacious
    Kershaw Skyline
    Ontario Rat 1

  4. @CutleryNovice Yup, have the Tenacious as well… Another favorite. If your a knife enthusiast it is not possible to ignore it 🙂 I have way too many knives, but I'm thinking to about getting a Benchmade next as I don't own one yet. Don't know which one I'm getting but I will have to be within my price range (they are expensive!)… Btw: my edc at the moment is the SOG Flash I. sweet little knife that intimidates no one but everyone likes!

  5. @f0xmuld3r The Flash 1 is a good EDC blade,personally I'm not a huge fan of SOG in general but many people are,if your on a budget try the knives in the H&K line ,maybe the Monochrome or Pika,take care!