14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Car Kits How Can I Order At 10:02

  1. Thanks Ben, Head lamp is a must for hunting. Any luck yet??? I will be leaving in the morning for 10 days up north hunting.

  2. Hi Ben, nice review one of the things that would make me buy it is you can remove the light from the head band and attach it to other kit

  3. Nice light for hunting as you said. The weight lends itself to being good for runners at night or early morning as well. Thanks!

  4. I have a coleman cht4
    I like and recommend serves me well
    Now like this model…
    More functions
    this equipment and better prepared.

  5. Testing suggestion: UCO A-120 Comfort-fit headlamp. I couldn't paste the link for some reason. Check it out, I think it fits the bill and UCO makes quality stuff. Interesting design.

  6. nice review. i've had the v300 for months already which we use regularly when outdoors and battery is still strong. i like that i can remove it and attach it to a vest or my backpack.

  7. Great review! Very thorough! I got my Energizer at W-Mart, some yrs ago, and the red bulb just went out. wah! Just need something to help me get to the baffroom, at night, and for reading in the car, etc. Thank you!!