7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Car Kits How Can I Purchase At 15:42

  1. CR123a have been around for a long time. I remember a film camera I had 20yrs ago using them and I could readily get those batteries at Walmart, drugstores and similar places that sold batteries. The problem was they were really expensive.

    Since they have such a long shelf life and I have so many devices that take them, I just buy in bulk now. Last time I bought them, I got 40 at $1 each. They weren't surefire brand, but rather Tenergy brand and I haven't noticed anything different as far as usage.

  2. I'm sure that lowes decision to carry these batteries had something to do with some product that they also sell. Possibly a flashlight. Last time I bought them from walmart they were energizer 2/$10 so this is certainly better. They were in the camera section and the pricing was certainly based on camera use. It seems to me that for edc use a rechargeable 18650 would be better.

  3. Good!  I have been having a hard time finding them in the usual places, I'll have to go get some there!

  4. These batteries didnt fit in my SureFire Flashlight the m300 mini scout. Its suppose to take the cr123a batteries, but they dont fit. They are too big. Anyone have any idea's on what to use?