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you come this way let’s go let’s go in
our last video we got sent to prison and
tried to escape
guys well looks like I’ve got myself in
solitary confinement
I guess so as you know I am currently in
solitary confinement I’ve been in here
for about six hours and I gotta say I
don’t recommend it it’s not very fun I
got this wall and I got this wall and
that’s about it I think it’s time that
we break out of this prison and get out
of here once and for all after that
warden extended our stay I’ve officially
decided that I am no longer doing this
prison challenge only problem now is
it’s turned from a prison challenge into
a prison escape challenge luckily though
Logan was able to secure the key from
the warden so if I can break out of
solitary I should be able to meet up
with him and we might be able to get out
of the prison first things first though
I gotta get those chains off of me good
thing for us Poppa Jake always carries a
handy-dandy lock-picking Ken I might
have been able to take my tape or I
might have been able to take my fuzzy
peaches they cannot take my lock-picking
kit just go insert some here
there we go perfect got it okay
time to get us out of this prison oh I
do not recommend solitary confinement
that is that is not fun all right time
to find Logan Logan okay Jake they let
you out of solitary confinement why are
you smiling your face I wasn’t so
terrified I thought you’d be trying to
break me out I had to break myself out
of their present beds are kind of
comfortable you’re sleeping on cement
using paper towel as a bedroll dude we
gotta break out of here Jake you want to
break out of here the wardens crazy I
know but you got the key all right
look he’s extended our stay in here all
right I was down for 24 hours but any
longer than that and I start to get
extremely bored I don’t want to be in
here for more than 24 hours did manage
to get the wardens key so I don’t know
exactly how we’re gonna use this thing I
think if we can get inside his office
I’m sure we can find some tools or
something to break us out of here Wow
the two Stooges word around the prison
yard is you were able to steal the key
from the warden as you know seeing as
how slim shorty runs this prison I’ll be
taking that key from you now but I have
to hand it to you you were the first
prisoners who were able to snatch a key
from the warden oh no no no shorty look
we stole that key fair and square all
right we’re breaking out of this prison
I don’t know if I made myself clear
you’re talking to slim shorty here I run
this prison I’ve got my boys to back me
up I got little Jim mini Mike you don’t
want all of them coming after you do you
shorty we’re not giving you the key okay
we’re breaking out of here all right I
don’t care if you have Tiny Tim little
Jim I don’t know who your friends are
but we are breaking out of this prison
and we’re not handing you over the key
Jake I mean we could all just break out
shorty okay I don’t like this guy
alright playing hardball I get it I get
it alright how about this then
I challenge Logan to a game of
basketball in the courtyard classic
prison basketball you win you keep the
key but if I win which I will because
I’m slim shorty I get the key Logan is 6
feet tall short that would just be
unfair but you know what all right fair
the ideals feel shorty and you beat
Logan in a one-on-one basketball match
you can have the key but if we beat you
we’re keeping the key and we’re escaping
out of this prison without you
I think maybe just basketballs not your
sport you know what fine keep the key I
didn’t want it anyway you guys break out
a year
see how far you make it you’re sleeping
look Jake I just won the basketball game
and you’re sleeping yeah what y’all
lookin I didn’t get a lot of sleep of
solitary confinement so any nap I can
get is very important we got the keys we
gotta get out of you all right
look those are the keys the warden’s
office okay inside there we should be
able to find some stuff to help us break
out of here but we got it go Loki come
on follow me all right come on here’s
the warden’s office works well if he’s
in there it’s lunchtime we’re in the
yard I doubt he’s in here he’s probably
getting lunch
we gotta be quick for a guy that’s so
grandiose is the warty did you have a
better office wait here
perfect survival gear we’re gonna need
this we’re breaking out maybe that’s –
that’s an RPG what do you eat it we are
gonna need that RPG we got codes – if I
remember when we were driven here we did
go past the forest so realistically
we’re gonna be travelling through the
forest we’re gonna need these coats this
is survival gear and here we go
fence cutters will use these fence
cutters to break through the fence and
we’ll use the survival gear to make it
through the forest and back to our house
speaking of that RPG though we’ve got a
watchtower guarding this entire place I
said we take that thing out first and
then make our way to the fence
Oh Yahoo destroyed the tower we gotta
get out of here fast
right here grab the bag grabbin all the
supplies come on we gotta go looks like
we set off the alarm let’s go let’s go
this should short-circuit it ah there we
we’re good come on let’s go let’s go
let’s go into the forest quickly wait
guys wait for me wait for slim shorty I
want to escape two prisoners escaping
going on my watch I’m coming for you
papa Jake oh they’re gonna be coming
after us guys we need to make our way
home as fast as possible if we can link
up with the river we should be able to
find our way out of here
let’s see what’s in this back okay looks
like we have a camera dad see a lighter
handle some deodorant wait
flashlight perfect we’re gonna make it
out of here all right guys we’re gonna
we’re gonna do this okay we just need to
make know ah gee this camera has night
vision on earlier because that’s gonna
make it gets a lot easier to get out of
here oh dude check I can see you see oh
yeah hey guys okay at least we got a
night vision that’s gonna get a little
bit easier to get out of here you come
this way let’s go let’s go
getting closer
they read over there
where’s after them
looks like they’re heading up that hill
we were like this close Logan to going
back at eating prison food
right now wouldn’t be that bad my hands
are freezing yeah you know as gross as
it is I could use a little bed on the
cement I can have some prison food and I
want to say I miss shorty a little bit
we were in over our head strike out of
here never heard you say that before Jay
I can’t see all we have is the
night-vision camera what’s a cable gonna
do for us right now like the pioneers
Logan all right they used to use these
babies to get through the woods for
miles and then as you can see we have
what I call a tandem we’ll be able to
get us through these woods no problems I
bet you know that is quite an amazing
idea I know right and it’s making no one
had thought of using a candle to get
through the hey this is that you I can’t
see oh I can’t see like your own
personal little flashlight look trough
the night vision the night vision is off
see Logan no batteries no nothing to
worry about just some good old-fashioned
pint yeah engineering uh yeah Jake I
think we’re just gonna stick with the
night vision I’m fine it’s never someone
else in here I could help us Oh Logan
body spray buddy you know what this
means I can’t cover our scent they might
be using dogs to track us down if
anything this makes our scent more
attractive you know Logan you gotta
cover your sin the first thing in escape
you haven’t you seen any prison escape
movie come on Jake that’s gonna attract
people Axe body spray Jake I can
literally smell you from all the way
back here
Hey hi my first was my idea
we’ve been walking for hours Logan we
have no food holy F is a candle I’m
about to eat the candle ogen I am
literally going to eat this candle no
don’t eat the candle Jake don’t eat the
candle Jake don’t eat the kid no eating
the kid no do not eat the candle Jake we
need to keep moving that way well do
music yeah there’s some lights over
there they might be able to help us out
come on Oh what is that guy doing
what BG to round we heard your music and
we came over here we were actually we’re
trying to get out of the forest we sort
of escaped from the prison the box for
oh no way me too prisoner four five
seven eight fifteen years ago my way out
look III don’t really know who you are
what you are what you’re doing but you
have any idea on where the river might
be we can figure out our way out of here
in fact if you know we can get you out
of here to everything sometimes like the
lights are really just reflections of
mr. light man do you have anything we
could use to help us I mean I do have
this compass bro here you can use this
this isn’t a compass that this is a
pocket watch oh that explains so much
bro I was pulling that thing around
great now we have a pocket watch and no
way out of this place Logan we need to
find the river we need to get out of
here we need food we need clothes at
this point I just want to go back to the
stupid you gonna take back the water
dude that’s the river it’s just like
what quickly yeah well bras
all right now all we have to do is fold
the root for downstream and that leads
us right back to our house guys we did
me gal the woods as long as they don’t
catch up with us now I think we just
escaped from prison high five man high
court let’s go

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