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  1. I wanna spend some time on a dry day using twigs, I think it will work, but not as well as the other two I imagine.

  2. I have a Ti Stove/Cookset that I purchased a year ago. The entire system weighs the same as the weight of just my old cooking pot! I reduced my pack weight by over a pound by switching to it. As the old saying goes… ounces become pounds! The Ti stuff is more expensive, but well worth it imho!

  3. Neat, versatile stove, but it looks a little precarious, in terms of it being knocked over by wind or clumsiness.

  4. Does it come with the beer can or you have to find that? Why didn't you show how you ignited it? (Sorry I'm not experienced with this). Thanks for this but long video & didn't show alternate fuel that can be used. Neat stuff.

  5. Yep It does come with the Foster beer can. To ignite it you just hold a lighter up close to it. Check out my other video on this and I showed how to on it. Didn't show burning stick, because it was a super wet week and no dry ones to be found. Also it would have just made the video much longer… Thanks for watchin.