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What supplies do you need in an Office Emergency Bag get home bag emergency kit for work or office
hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you thought
about emergency preparedness for when
you’re at work office emergency kit get home bag here are some tips
of things that you should assemble any
kind of bag will do it can look like a
big old purse it can look like a duffel
bag like you’re going to the gym or a
briefcase if whatever is commonly used
where you are or work you just want it to look blend in
nonchalant you don’t want it to stick
out like a big ol ammo camo pack so what you
probably want to do is begin your office emergency kit with
sturdy shoes a coat and gloves
especially if you live in cold weather
if you have to evacuate your building
you don’t want to be standing outside in
your high heels and then you have no way
to get home except trying to walk in high heels uncomfortable shoes pack walking shoes
want to have some comfort gear how about
some Kleenex a nail file of chapstick
any emergency medicines that you need
eye drops a toothbrush and then have
some foods have some you know things
like snack bars power bars crackers nuts
dried fruits chili any kind of food and snacks
that you can pop open and eat think of
it as suppose it’s lunch type foods what
if you had to stay extra late because of extra work lockdown
something or you forgot to bring your
lunch today that could be a mini
emergency make your work a no-fail
environment then be sure you have a
first-aid kit also make sure in your bag
you have an extra set of keys that any
that you need whether it’s to get back
in your building to get in your car to
get in your home if you have lost your
purse what if your purse was stolen have
some cash and a copy of all your
identification put in a pen some paper
and some extra reading glasses if you
use them a multi-tool and a flashlight
then you want to find out your company’s
emergency plan do they have an
evacuation plan learn where your exits
and stairs are
learn if there’s a meeting place find
out what the phone tree is if it’s off
hours and you don’t know if you’re
supposed to report to work or not learn
where the fire extinguishers are mostly
keep the area clean and clear around
your desk in case you need to duck and
cover it’s your responsibility to ensure
your own safety so be sure you’re in
charge of yourself then if you have your
bag handy and you need a snack you can
reach in and grab it if you forgot your
medicine you can reach in your office emergency kit or get home bag and have it if
something happens you have to evacuate
grab your office emergency bag get home bag and go because you’ll be ready to take care of yourself no matter what comes along
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Tactical Flashlight Cases How Can One Buy

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  1. Good suggestions. If you work in a high rise (or any large office building), you might also want an N95 mask or even a compact escape hood. If there is a smoke, debris, etc in the aid, it could make a big difference!