4 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Cases Where Can I Buy At 21:47

  1. I like that it doesn't scream tactical.Thinking as a gym bag for CCW with a mic or pocket holster.

  2. overpriced !
    sure its made well, but i could sell you a "artesanal hand made wooden tent stake" i carved from a piece of fallen wood, sure it may be quality made, but it wouldn't be worth $100 bucks!

  3. Seems quite overprized to me. I'd rather get me a 5.11 Rush 12 or Moab 10. Yes they look tactical, but they offer so much more possibilities.

  4. reminds me of a smaller version of the good ol' military issue duffel bag… believe it or not, you can stuff an unlimited amount of gear into these things, kinda like a miniture black hole that you carry on your back… i never understood this…