7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Cases Where Can We Shop At 14:02

  1. I got one a couple months back and have been very impressed. I went back to amazon to buy a few more as gifts for people and they are pretty much gone. They aren't even on the Thrunite site anymore. I only see the TiS. Does anyone know what happened to the Ti2?

  2. These little flashlights, either a single aa or aaa are great lights. There are several brands who make great little lights. I walk a lot and half of the time it is at night. I have a streamlight strion that I carry incase I need a strong beam but I walk with a little single aa flashlight. I guess it is about 20 lumens and gives plenty of light to walk with. I bought a cheap $10 knife and it came with it. I thought it was useless until I walked at night with it. I have a maratac aa light ordered and on the way. My streamlight is great but overkill for night walking and it will turn off without warning when the battery is drained. So I carry 2 lights so I won't be left in the dark. A overly powerful light is not as practical as a comfortable on the eyes small light. A real bright light reflects back off the ground and is blinding but a small light is easier for the eye's pupils to stay open making it easier to see. My strion has 3 settings and on low it is still too bright for night walking.

  3. That looks pretty. I might have to grab one for myself and one for a friend (she walks at night, and I rather give her a light that works well for the money).

    I love my streamlight microstream (a clip and regulated output? yes, and yes.), but I'm afraid that I'd be using it and the light would turn off by itself.

    They are around $12 Canadian on Amazon. I gotta get a couple for myself (I like that the version I've seen is just one mode – less stuff to break.)