Tactical Flashlight Cheapest How Can I Order

(country music)
– I’m Zachary Fowler and
you’re watching 87 Days,
the complete reenactment
of all I did out on
History Channel’s Alone show season three,
but as if I did it here in Maine
with the resources we have here.
Today, we’re doing something
a little different.
One of the things I thought
of as a switching out
one of my ten items, I’m
not sure which item I would
switch out, but was a hammock
if you’re in bear territory.
So we’re going to make a bear safe hammock
20 feet up in the tree and set up a little
bridge pole, that’s what that big pole is
and maybe even build
a fire up there today.
Less talking, more working.
(country music)
I picked out a couple trees here.
I got this maple here and a maple there
so I’ll be able to put a couple
rungs for a ladder across there.
Then over here, I have
a couple more maples.
Or is that a beat, no that’s a maple
and another maple there, a smaller maple
and I’ll be able to put
a couple rungs across
there so I can get up to that side.
This’ll be my, for lack of
a better woods word today,
a ridge pole, I guess
where I’ll be able to
walk across between the two trees.
So I’m going to build my ladder,
hopefully, about four rungs, less lashing,
the quicker I can get up there
and start building the upper structure.
Four rungs and then on the top rung,
I will lash this on and then the rungs
can also act as a
staging point to put more
bracing coming across and build
a little bit of a platform.
And I’ll be able to walk out on this,
going from side to side
and set the hammock up.
Now, I get some more materials
being as my favorite thing
being useful, useful,
useful, clearing some of this
stuff that always falls
over into the driveway
during the wintertime up here at my land
and using it to build something.
(upbeat music)
What a pain in the neck nylon line is.
But the best thing you can do for it is
make yourself a winding stick.
It’s just a notch on either end
so you can lash it in there.
If you try to use it
while it’s on the spool,
I don’t know if you noticed,
but when I was doing those
lower ones, it was all snafued up.
I had to stop, go and
fix it and make it work.
It’s ridiculous.
So lashing stick, way to win all the time.
(upbeat music)
Alright, I misjudged how much time I had.
My friend, Noah, came.
We’re going to drill some stuff,
so I’m just setting up down
low on the ground today.
So if there were bears here in this area,
I’d be bear snack tonight.
I got my new goodies because in a hammock,
when you’re sleeping in a hammock,
your butt gets really cold
because your sleeping bag
gets squooshed so it
doesn’t have the insulation
value so you get really
cold, but I got a new.
Check this out.
From Outdoor Vitals, this
is a great underquilt.
I’m excited about this, I
just got this in the mail
from them and it makes hammocking
so much for fun and warm.
I just gotta figure out how to open it.
Oh, there we go.
Alright, you might be asking yourself
if you just got it, how does he know
that this thing is awesome?
I’m going off the fact that I’ve had
my zero degree summit
bag from Outdoor Vitals
for over a year and the thing is awesome
and I expect this to be as well.
And it turned out, it was.
It’s universal.
It took me a minute to
look at the instructions,
but it universally attached to my
Warbonnet hammock without any difficulty.
It’s like Jim Carey coming
out the rear end of.
(soothing music)
That was fairly easy.
Safety test number one, first night,
eight feet up in the trees.
Tomorrow night, 20 feet.
(upbeat music)
This is frustrating.
Bought this rope at an old garage sale
and it’s got a randy know in it here.
It doesn’t appear, I
can’t see in any which way
that this knot is appropriate
and it’s just a mess.
Every good knot has a break in it
that you can (crunching sound)
and it will loosen the knot.
In the instance of a
boleyn, which is a twist,
come up through, around,
and back through the hole.
Now, if this is yanked on by
hooking one end to your truck
and this is cinched up tight,
there’s a breaker right here.
Well, it’s cinched up and
no matter how tight it gets,
with minimal pressure, as
long as it’s a good rope
with a good, thick core
that doesn’t collapse
in on itself that is,
you can take this breaker
right here (crunching
sound) and bow like this.
It puts slack in the
line and the whole thing
can come undone very easily.
But somebody used this rope for something
and didn’t know what they were doing
and tied Lord knows what this is.
Maybe it was a proper
knot, I can’t see how so
and it pulled inside
out, but I find this one.
I try to break it here, nothing.
I see this one here, if it
could get over top of that,
it might break, but it’s
pinched by this other
loop that’s coming through
and twisted inside of there.
There’s no breaker here.
The only thing for it is to get some
slack in it, to pick the right spot to get
some slack in it is going to be the key.
This one seems to be
the key since it won’t,
it’s not going to break under tension.
I need to push some of this through here.
And I found the best way
to undo bad boss’s knots,
I always say bad boss’s
because my old boss
couldn’t tie a knot to save his life,
probably can nowadays
because I harassed him
so much about it, I take the
corkscrew of my multi-tool,
and I find the piece that
if I pull this tail through
I’ll be able to break this
and bring the slack around
and bring this whole thing undone.
And I screw it into the knot right here,
screwing it in right there, make sure
it’s only through one piece.
That’s the tail end that’s coming out.
I need to pull some slack into this
so I can work the whole thing .
Get my fingers on it.
I got an eighth of an inch out of it.
Screw what appears to be a breaking spot.
There we go.
There we go, I pulled it over that.
That might have given me the slack I need
to work some slack into this knot.
Got it.
Let’s see, as I’m taking this apart.
What I think happened here, it
was just a simple square knot
with two ends or something
that pulled through
and because of where they yanked on them
and pulled them apart, it broke the knot
in the wrong direction and
caused it to lock it all up.
Now, we can get back to work.
(upbeat music)
Yee-haw, this is turning out awesome.
I think I’m not actually
20 feet up in the air.
I’m running out of line, so I decided
not to go one more rung higher.
Maybe the top of my
hammock where it’s tied off
will be a full 20 feet, but
it’s going to be pretty cool.
Going up.
Now I can finally bring
you up here with me.
Not that far, I really
wanted to be way up there,
but I want to build a platform with a fire
and if I’m going to get it done,
I’m running out of line and everything
like that, it’s going to be what it is.
Maybe next year, I’ll go higher.
Every year go higher, go bigger,
everything bigger,
higher, faster, farther.
Further up and further in.
On to Aslan’s country.
(upbeat music)
I can’t wait to get some
more pieces up here.
My heart’s just racing
climbing around up here.
I probably should, meh I’m just
going to keep going with it.
It’ll be more secure as I go.
Lord, protect me from my own stupidity.
(upbeat music)
One more thing to make and I can start
making dinner and move my hammock up here.
Right out here, I’m
going to make it my feet
will hang through here and I’m going to
add a little platform piece here
and that’s where I’ll have my fire.
I’ll be able to sit right here.
Exciting, exciting.
This took a lot longer than I thought.
I’m kind of, not afraid of heights,
but I don’t know, it’s
a lot just being up here
and monkeying around, thinking like,
“What if the lashing broke?”
Just making sure everything is really
well secured and really well lashed.
And as it is, it’s with multiple types
of different materials because I got
several spools of line that were all
on there like last 10, 20 yards.
Alright, climbing down.
That’s the only thing
about building something
down on the ground, I left
all my tools up there.
So I got to change my
battery in my camera.
I thought I’d show you something.
One of the biggest questions I get is
“How will you charge your batteries
when you’re out on Alone?”
They gave us hundreds of batteries
so we didn’t have that problem.
But now I can’t afford
hundreds of batteries,
but I’ve come in contact with a company
who’s set me up royally
awesome with some sweet gear.
The solar panel and now
I have this power pack
that is the ultimate power pack.
It’s got one, two, three, four outlets.
DC outlets, US whatever it is, USB
and the new USBC, and it
all is connected right there
to the solar panel as well as having
a regular 12 volt car outlet and you could
charge it before you leave
so it’s full anyways.
That battery was the charged one
I’m coming for and it is amazing.
As well as some new
cool gear that I’ll bet
you’ll see me wearing later tonight.
The Olight flashlight, this is the best
head lamp I have ever owned right here.
It comes out, clips on to you.
It’s really nice.
I’ve had it for a little while.
The charger part is simply magnetic.
You just have that laying around
and then, boom, snaps right to it.
It’s amazing.
I love it.
It’s the coolest head lamp and the way it,
I can’t even explain it.
Me living out in the woods for years,
I’ve got through a head
lamp a year if not more
with head lamps and this is
not a paid advertisement,
I just I really like this head lamp.
I lately, people send
me stuff all the time
and they want me to show it off.
And I’ve been trying
to be really meticulous
about not wasting your time with things,
so I don’t show it off until
I’ve played with it more
and that’s why I haven’t been
doing any unboxings of things.
I want to play with it,
see if it’s actually legit,
and this stuff that I’ve
received here is awesome
as well as one more thing, this bar light,
which goes like that and has this great.
This is great for around the fire.
It’s not, gives you some
light for you to do stuff
and it’s like the orange
light is not all white
and it’s even got a police blinking one.
The white light doesn’t
feel very woodsy or outdoors
and stuff, but you put
it to this orange one.
It just kind of adds to the fire ambiance.
Or hang this inside of my hammock.
The rest of them that I’ve received,
you’re not seeing them
because they weren’t good
and I’m not going to
waste your time with them.
But this stuff, I will
link in the description.
The Olight and this utility slash magnetic
slash phone charger even light here.
I used that all last night and I charged
my phone while I was sleeping with it.
And, man, this power pack, this
is going to mean the world.
It’s got so many features,
tells how full it is,
the solar panel hooks right to it.
It is amazing.
This is going to extend my adventures.
It’s almost overkill for
this two night adventure
I’m having building this up in the tree,
but I didn’t have enough batteries charged
before I left the house
because I made a mistake.
So it’s already saved
the day because I didn’t
realize how much time it was
going to take to do this.
And it’s like keeping it in
my truck or on a canoe trip
or going out for a five
day adventure so I can
film it and bring it to
you without having to just
film just the most minimal here and there.
It’s worth every penny having that.
And there’s one more thing
that you’ll see in this video.
You’ve seen the Warbonnet hammock before,
which I am loving, underquilt.
That thing is awesome.
It comes from Outdoor Vitals.
And the Outdoor Vitals sleeping bag.
I’m so cozy in that thing.
I am really liking the hammocking.
It just, I don’t know, I don’t think
I ever want to sleep on the ground again.
I was up there.
I heard deer coming through the woods
going around under me and stuff.
This is going to be like my tree stand.
I’m going to sleep up there, hop out
in the morning, make
coffee on my tree stand.
That might scare the deer away.
And then sit there and take a deer
this year from my hammock in the trees.
I’ll just roll over and (snaps).
(upbeat music)
This lashing method allows you
to work a table top surface
or a deck surface with one
piece of line continually.
Basically, work a loop
into it, bring it around
your piece of material, up underneath,
straighten the loop out, and
around the end of the wood,
and then work until it’s
tight by working your piece
back and forth leaving very minimal gaps
in between each of your materials
which you wouldn’t be able to do
with a traditional lashing method
because your spool would have
to go in between each piece.
(upbeat music)
There we go.
(upbeat music)
– Alright, I managed to set it up.
She’s secure.
Made the sure the webbing is
tight or strapped properly
so there’s no twists in
it so like any stresses.
It’s brand new, so something like
that probably wouldn’t matter.
I got one of the wings pulled out
where you can put your stuff in.
The other one is attached to the stick,
just stuck out from the platform
so it doesn’t really
pull it out all that far.
But once I get into
it, I’ll spread it out.
So it’s not spread out all nice like it is
when you stake it out
on the ground so much.
But I am hungry.
Going to go up to my
shelter, up over the hill.
Chris is up there making some chicken
or getting cook stuff ready.
Have a late dinner and then
I come up and go to bed.
I’ll do some cooking.
I’ll cook my breakfast on that
in the morning right there.
We’ll cook some breakfast,
do some bacon and eggs
over the fire up on the, up here.
That’s a lot of work.
It’s like if you’re just
lashing the stuff on the ground
that’d be one thing, but
up here lashing things,
legs quivering because
it’s a little bit nervous.
You’re always making
sure that you don’t just
lose track of what
you’re doing and be like,
“Okay, I’m just gonna step over here
“and pee in the bushes and.” (whistles)
(makes crashing sound)
Get some food.
– Hello.
– Nice, fire’s looking good.
I am so hungry.
I saw some mushrooms, let’s
go grab some mushrooms.
I’ll make it with our chicken.
Dude, I just found a drone.
How in the world?
That’s crazy.
That’s like a cheap drone of some sort.
It’s got a face of like a cylon.
No way.
Alright, now what we.
How did it even get down through
the trees to land in here
or fall down through the trees in here?
That’s crazy.
Now I got distracted, I’m
not sure where we are.
I found them.
Found a drone and horn of plenty.
These are really easy to tell.
They’re very thin.
And like a horn, basically.
Couple more.
Here we go, that should
bring some nice flavor
to our chicken and mushrooms and onions.
(piano music)
The shovel, the dutch oven’s best friend
right there, the shovel.
(piano music)
So here’s something for
you, a little riddle.
By law, if you have a burn permit
and you are out burning
with your burn permit,
you’re supposed to have a shovel with you,
but I think so far, I’m the only person
who’s gone out alone and brought a shovel,
yet all of them have fire.
How is it?
Good huh?
Unfortunately, the
camera started timing out
for some reason at this
point so I wasn’t able
to show you the beautiful finished result
of the crispy bacon, lattice
work on top of my meal,
but you were saved the
indignity of having to
hear me moan and sigh as
I consumed the two pieces
of chicken and bacon and mushrooms.
– I will say bacon and
chicken goes well together.
– Mmm hmmm.
Bacon goes good with everything.
Bacon and marshmallows,
bacon and peanut butter.
– Not on bacon and marshmallows.
– I don’t know, I still
think that might be a thing.
– It’s just going to be a
sugary bacon at that point.
– True.
I may never know.
If I stay Keto, I’ll never know.
Alright, time to get in my hammock.
Dinner was awesome.
Now, I gotta go all the way up there
and climb in to that bad boy.
Alright, I made it up here safely.
Let’s see.
Alright, that’s good,
clean, got clean connection.
That’s got a clean connection there,
not that I messed with it.
Just paranoid now that I’m up this high.
Think I’m going to go down to that end
and check that one one more
time before I got to bed.
I’ll sleep better.
My stuff’s emptied into
the little cash spot.
Out of my pockets, now
I gotta get in there
which means I’ve got to walk out
just a little bit past
my platform right here
and climb in through the flap there.
I’m going to have to
put the camera in here
which means it probably won’t get much.
Alright, I’m in, I’m in, I’m secure.
I still haven’t let go.
I’m like, the rocking feeling.
All of the zippers are zipped.
I am roasting in here right now,
the stress of this whole
thing, that underquilt
and I’m not even in my
sleeping bag just yet.
I’m sorry, I hope you
don’t feel too cheated.
I know, I do.
There was this perfect moment right after
I got into the hammock and I think
I screamed like a little girl
as it started swinging away
when I let go of the safety line
and that camera just kept
timing out for some reason
saying something about
record speed being too slow.
Hopefully, I don’t have
to pee in the night.
That would just stink.
Four in the morning, I gotta pee.
I’m going to attempt to open the zipper
and roll my hips to the
side and do the guy thing.
This seems to be working, here we go.
(yawning) Go back to bed for a little bit.
(lullaby music)
(yawning) Six AM.
Slept in.
Let’s see if I can get
out of this thing now.
Here we go.
You’ll be able to hear it
if I don’t get out, right?
I don’t know if you’ll see, it’s hard
to film this and do this safely.
Alright, I did it.
I’m out.
Safe and sound.
I’m going to get myself a fire going.
And put some coffee on, yee-haw.
(country music)
My hands are a little sore
from all the lashing yesterday.
Managed to do it in eight, maybe nine
hours of work in total to do this.
Showing up at a location and
doing even a minimal version
of this, for the one
pole and getting up there
and getting it rigged and doing it.
I think it would be awesome to build
an entire village up
here like this though.
You know, just keep
going because if you were
staying here and if I had 87 days again.
(country music)
(cracking sounds)
This whole little thing
has been so hard to film.
I hope it comes out okay in the edit.
It’s such a, oh coffee’s starting to perc!
Oh, I’m excited!
For those of you that are
going to complain and say,
“Oh show us more of what
you did and more detail,
“like how’d you do that
lashing and things?”
I learned everything from
books I bought at garage sales.
I said it before and I’ll say it again,
you gotta, there’s just
nothing like a book.
You can go on Youtube all you want
and watch people do things the wrong way
and the right way and question
everything you’re doing,
but unless you read books,
you’re never going to know.
So I think it’s a good thing.
I think I would feel
comfortable in a bear place,
bear territory, wolves, cougars.
I know bears and mountain lions and stuff,
they could hop right up
this tree no problem,
this is just day one, that way,
once it was all said and done,
this would be all deck
and there would be no way
except to come up through a hatch.
I think you’d be fairly safe
from bears and all that,
because they’d have to come
up and claw the bottom of it.
I think they’d just be
curious and they’d turn away.
I don’t think mountain
lions would climb up
and go upside down underneath
of your decking to try
and get up over the edge or
they’d have any reason to.
And then at least while
you’re sleeping at night,
you’re secure, you have
nothing to worry about.
I probably won’t do more to
this than than what I did
because I owe the kids
a tree house like this,
so I think the next thing I should do
is go back the house in Union
and build one for the kids
so they have something fun like this.
Maybe, not this high up obviously.
But I’ve been saying
I’m going to build them
and Ewok forest little
village with two or three
little bungalows, one for
Sparrow, one for Abby,
a little place for them in the middle
where Dad can actually fit in
and some little swinging
bridges that go out to them.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah, breakfast of
champions right there.
Ow, that’s hot.
That’s really hot.
Ooh ow ooh ah.
I’m gonna set down my basket for
a little bit, let that
cool, put the bacon on.
This could be dangerous,
sometimes these things blow up.
It’s easy to sit away from
a fire when you’ve got
an ash egg in there, but right up here.
Am I risking my life just to
cook an egg for breakfast?
I don’t know.
(country music)
Bacon wrapped bacon.
Big old bacon meat wad on a stick.
This is great.
(country music)
There we go.
Does it get any better than this?
My little fire platform thing
looks like it’s working out pretty good.
It would be nice if it was bigger
and I was able to go
around all sides of it.
We’ll save that for next
year’s mark two version.
Where it’s 20 feet
higher and 20 feet wider.
Like a typical Youtuber,
go bigger every time.
Look at that.
Nailed that bacon.
That is one nice bacon stick right there.
Bacon wrapped bacon.
I feel like I dropped the ball.
I should have put cheese inside of that
and wrapped it, oh man, next time.
I’m going to eat my bacon, yee-haw.
Pull my little toothpick
out before I eat that.
What do you think?
30 day diet, 30 days
bacon, 30 day bacon diet.
What would happen?
People think bacon’s bad for you,
but there’s proven, I
googled it last night
and other people have
done it, most of them
have only done it for a couple days
and they’ve lost weight.
One guy did it for longer and
lost like a bunch of weight.
I think there might be a problem
with the salt, too much salt.
You’d have to do pork
belly or raw keyword bacon.
Oh, forgot to pray.
Lord, thank you God
for this fort up a tree
and hammocking and keeping me safe
despite my own boneheadness
and this wonderful bacon.
Thank you, God, for bacon.
In Jesus name, Amen.
And coffee.
Up a tree.
Alright, I thought the
bacon that I did last night
on top of the chicken with
the mushrooms from the woods,
the horn of plenty was good,
but oh man, this is better.
I think I think that
about everything I do.
Every new thing I do is like
the best thing I’ve ever done.
I think that’s a good mindset.
That is so good.
Well, thank you guys for watching.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this adventure.
If you’ve got any crazy
ideas of other things
that I should be, I might have missed,
and that you’d like to see, feel free
to leave it in the comments below.
Mmm, oh this is so good.
And as always, make sure you bug
everybody forcing them to watch this.
Make your family miserable making them
sit down and watch all
of my videos in a row
and I’ll see you guys next time.
Fowler out.
Mmm mmm, it’s just right,
crispy on the outside
and raw and wriggling on the inside.
Eggs didn’t quite make it all that well,
there’s a good smokey yolk in the center.
That’s dry, should have
eaten that with the bacon.
– Raw and wriggling, you keep nasty chips.
– You’re hopeless.

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