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  1. You Trolls don't understand that even if you're here to hate on Matt(Survivalists2012) you are still giving him the Views that he wants! So in the end, who wins?? He does, so take your stupid asses off his videos and stop leaving hate!

  2. I'm not being hateful, I promise. But I see one major weakness in your preps-EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE IS NOT GOOD!
    May I suggest you have multiple smaller cache's spread around? My legitimate concern is that if your family is off on an outing & thieves break in & find your "closest, you, my friend are going to be in a WORLD of hurt! What if your guns are used by the burglar/s in a crime?! I highly recommend reading material by Mossad Ayoob; A New Jersey Cop-an EXPERT in this field. Best to you!

  3. what people dont get is that you dont need an automatic rifle to bug out it only takes one maybe 2 well placed shots to kill

  4. did you reinforced the door?Im doing the same thing with the closet downstairs but have yet to reinforce the door.Nice set up you got there!