Tactical Flashlight Clearance How Can One Buy

you know what is going on everyone is
Papa Jake and we are back with a brand
new video and as you guys know we have
been cooped up for quite some time in
our quarantine box for I’m currently in
the control / armory center and I’m just
chilling you know having some fun and
relax and I actually sent Logan out on a
little bit of a mission to get some
toilet paper because we were low on that
so we took his gas mask and he has gone
outside and I’m just kind of sitting
here bored you know reviewing what he’s
up to making sure that everything is
going okay and as you guys know every
time you smack that like happening every
time you hit that subscribe button we
are going to stay another day in the
quarantine box port and continue to
expand it but because today’s a little
uneventful because Logan’s gone on a
mission I thought okay I’m trying to I’m
trying to talk to viewers right now
Logan I can’t I can’t I can’t hear you
over the sound of blaster fire
stop using their blasters I can’t hear
can you know I’m just gonna be right
here yeah yeah no I get it
there we go I don’t know what Logan’s
talking about but what I didn’t realize
is I actually have direct access through
our computer to some of our older times
what we actually did survive in a
fallout shelter I mean I was sitting
here thinking I’m so bored what do i do
how do I expand and I thought I could
probably learn a thing or two watching
some of our old times living inside a
quarantine box fort so I thought for
today why don’t we sit back relax go on
to the mainframe computer check out
living in a fallout shelter box for I
thought it would be an awesome time to
jump back in the vault life Logan are
you excited I am so down for the vault
life dude last time we did a fallout
boxford it was so cool guys we had
like.he working vault or we had working
gas masks and so much more hopper Jake
family is super strong so you’re not
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alright guys so check this out the board
is looking sweet check this out guys
alright this is the fallout shelter as
of right now I know you think Papa check
this isn’t a follow show you can’t
survive anything in here which is true
you probably can’t survive like even
like a ladybug attack but we are still
going to be adding on the roof as well
as a bunch of really cool interior stuff
guys I’m thinking running water I’m
thinking electricity I’m thinking like
secure doors and a massive vault or at
the front that we’re gonna install after
everything guys check out all this sweet
clear that we have to make this fort
insane we’ve got pouches here that we’re
gonna use for running water as well as
this is actually gonna be our rad ex kit
that we can use in case with some
radiation poisoning and we’ve got a
bunch of things that we’re gonna be
adding on to it all with a fully working
electronic system which is going to be
sweet so let’s get back there and start
adding on the roof because I want to
start working on the fun stuff inside
the fort all right guys so update for
you it just started pouring as you guys
can see the rain is coming down and it’s
ruining our vault right now that’s not
good that’s not good I don’t want to
sleep in soggy cardboard I don’t think
anyone does and guys this is a 24 hour
challenge which means this is the only
place we can sleep tonight it’s raining
the sun’s going down and unless we want
to sleep on soggy cardboard we need to
get these tarps up this tarp up and keep
building fast guys this is not good guys
so update for you I am completely soaked
right now and we’ve been working to save
this fort as long as we could we have
tarps up all over the place we’ve got a
massive tarp in here as well as a tarp
at the front of the fort and this place
is completely soaked right now there is
lightning there is thunder I’m quite
honestly a little bit scared cuz Papaji
you know I like making box sports put in
the middle of a thunderstorm probably
not the best time to make a box for but
I think we can rebuild and I think using
this tarp system we can get this fort up
and running and once we get the lights
inside the fans the comfy blankets I
think we’ll have a nice dry place for
tonight ah this is definitely not
optimal box for building guys but guys
we’re gonna finish this point and I’ll
update you guys as soon as it’s done
okay guys so the rain has died down a
little bit we are back and well check it
out this is the fort now we were able to
repair everything that was a torrential
downpour we barely survived that guys
but we got the roof on we got the walls
we had to battle the
as things were falling but we got it
done and so check it out
the fallout vault is well almost
complete I’ll take you guys inside so we
don’t have power online right now but
the vault is high and dry which means
we’re not gonna get wet from the rain we
also need to get the running water going
and we need to secure this vault or in
case riders come Plus like I said we’re
surviving here the Sun is going down we
need our food our sleeping bags and so
much more so we’re nowhere near done but
at least the rain stopped and for now we
get this thing running so let’s get the
wires in here and start wiring the
lights okay yeah so we just got
everything in the vault set up and just
in the nick of time things are starting
to get pretty bad out here and like I
said we got to be careful for Raiders we
got most of it set up at least for
tonight like I said we got to survive
here for the night but first things
first we gotta get the power on let’s
get in here you get it turned on ah
hold your step alright here we go guys
so if all the wiring was correct we
should be able to activate the power
using this switch this switch first
circuit breaker and finally the third
circuit breaker in three two one oh
there we go dude this is sweet this
looks awesome
yo we got the vault power online circuit
breakers are already turn down the
emergency switches here and let’s get
into the computer logging into the vault
tech mainframe now look we made it in
here just in time
looks like toxicity levels outside or
rising by the minute this cardboard
shortage really has the world going to
hell in a handbasket alright
everything should be online now oh yeah
we got air flowing through here guys
check this out that’s fresh purified air
coming in here so we’ve got our very own
oxygen to make sure we say stay G don’t
we have to close the vault door now
that’s right alright let’s get this
thing closed and locked up
I cut it close and activating the
airlock in three two one
alright so I’m gonna be enacting a
24-hour lockdown which means we cannot
leave this vault for 24 hours if we’re
gonna expand this later we’re gonna have
to go out with our vault tech gear as
well as our gas masks oh dude the vault
tech gear yeah check that out
so far we have one pip-boy but I’d
really like to find one for myself yeah
dude we can get these on after the main
Oh guys is these are our gas masks this
is what we’re gonna need to use when we
leave the vault this cardboard shortage
has the world outside going into an
all-out battle which means we need our
gas masks to go up there the outside
talk to the city isn’t already raising
in here we’re safe but if we do go out
to expand the fort we need our gas masks
which we definitely need to expand
because this isn’t enough space for the
two of us some extra utility here but we
definitely don’t have everything yet
guys if we’re gonna want to live in here
we’re gonna need a water filtration
system more food we’re definitely gonna
have to go on some scavenging runs but
my main worry is bandits and even worse
mutants yeah guys if we make a workbench
we could actually make some sweet armor
comment your ideas down below on what we
should add to this for it alright well
in terms of supplies we have what we
brought in here we’ve got sleeping bags
gas masks vault-tec gear power is up and
running although we haven’t been able to
catch on camera but we are having the
lights flicker a little bit which means
we might be drawing a little bit too
much power to this vault in terms of
defense well you got a simple hunting
rifle and a pistol not much we can do
with this we’re definitely gonna need to
start gearing up and getting an armory
going how we doing on food Logan think
we have a few MREs looks like we have
alright that’ll last us at least 24
hours maybe 2 days tops but we’re gonna
need to go on eventually we’ve got gas
masks and protective gear but like I
said I put us down on a 24-hour lockdown
Jake what are we gonna do for 24 hours
well do some target practice that’s for
sure we’re gonna be going out there into
the wasteland we’re gonna make sure we
have the skills to survive best your
three caps you can’t hit the lock on the
vault door oh you’re going down you just
miss Jake oh dude I think you hit it
looks like these caps are mine I got 24
hours to win those back video radio or
something I want some tunes in here but
this place is definitely pretty sweet
guys I mean as far as fallout shelters
go I think we did a good job and the
cool thing is we made this thing modular
so we can keep adding on to it and keep
building but I feel extremely safe in
here and do because the insane storm we
had earlier this thing is like
weatherproof I mean you can literally
throw an O you know you got an even more
survival shelter in there literally
another thunderstorm at us and we’ll be
safe in here we have the entire thing
tarp on the outside so it’s also
waterproof which is just sweet for us
all right well I guess now guys chill
check it out here see how it works this
is every bolt dwellers main tool that he
uses oh yo I got radio on this I’ve got
map information data all right let me
try to the power on here we go let’s see
if we can get the radio going on this
yeah that’s tuning into that oh there we
have you got a rag indicator up here
dude so we can make sure that we’re not
getting too much radiation that’s gonna
be key when we go out into the wasteland
all right well I guess now we’re just
gonna kind of chill out I’m gonna polish
up the blaster make sure this is all
dinner in a little bit I might take a
little nap yeah food quite a crazy day
guys massive thunderstorm building this
entire vault
now we’re chilling all here high and dry
I’m pretty good right now us so guys
I’ve been chilling here for a little bit
and it just started raining again so
hopefully everything holds up like dude
hold on all right yeah that rains toxic
okay all right if that water gets in
here we are in a lot of trouble not to
mention we have this whole thing powered
with electricity plus the toxicity of
the water we need to make sure that this
thing holds up looking hot well do you
think we made this vault it wasn’t a
rain storm so it wasn’t our best fault
but it was pretty good let’s pick it up
a little bit all right Bo I’m confident
guys Papa Jake is a boxful building
master which means there is no way rains
getting in this thing it’s solid all
right well I guess if it’s raining
outside we might as well make some
dinner these are specifically designed
from having Apollo shelters in an
apocalypse slash emergency
looks like tonight we’re gonna be having
chili with beans who’s that Logan poonam
Logan Jake what’s going on Regency
powers going on what does that mean
power no no some of the vocal of all
powers we’re going to secure the vault
door chief what do you mean someone’s at
the Volturi so let’s try to break
possibly Raiders we get the power back
all the powers going to secure the door
can you get in maybe but we gotta get
ready to fight Logan we got Raiders at
the front door they’re trying to break
into our vault and so was trying to
look this will try to break in
gee can you hold them much longer I’m
gonna try to keep him out all night man
look like much longer
come on try getting the power back
online but they get found a way to
reroute the power hold on maybe if I use
the axillary switch here and in three
two one
we’re training for power fast this vault
doors using up all of our power to stay
shut I think the only way to get rid of
these raiders is to face them head-on
and you know Papa Jake he doesn’t let
Raiders break down his vault or there’s
an external legs in the back football we
take that outside with the limited
supplies we have we should be able to
solve them take this let’s put an end to
these Raiders follow me this should just
be around here looks like they moved
away from the ball after we came outside
Rad’s are increasing on us as well we
don’t have a lot of time out here
without our gas masks okay here’s
something we T can’t keep this one more
guy all right Logan if there’s another
guy he’s gonna end up like this one I’ve
quickly been afraid his body looks again
a golf club mask we could use this whole
kneepads hid knee pads we can use these
I almost got it
Franco check whoa Chuck just came in I’m
out of ammo
you got any pick up some ammo Jake
what’s the plan he’s gonna do it in all
right look at how many did you give me
suppressive fire I’ve got an idea
so ammo here papa takes to teach them
some golf lessons keep fire got him hey
Oh Joon yell pistol not bad little bit
ammo left as well Scott is not much but
he has some caps and check this out
this guy’s we’re eating radroach mean no
wonder there try to break you to our
vault not too bad looks like we only
have a few more minutes in our air all
right gather supplies let’s go what we
can and get back to base we’ve got a lot
of touching up to do if we’re gonna
survive hoping we’re back and it is time
to expand the vault today because we had
some Raiders come and try and attack our
ball guys and if we’re gonna be
surviving to this thing we need to
expand I’m gonna add running water I
want to add more electricity and so much
more cool stuff to this as you guys can
see we set up a bunch of tariffs so this
thing is a pretty weatherproof yeah I
mean it still taking a huge beating guys
check this out
so as you guys can see the vault is
comprised of two massive basically tarps
on the top here that are keeping out all
the water on the top and we have tarps
of course on the sides here which are
keeping out the water on the sides and
we got this one here which is kind of
running off all the water back into the
pool there’s been so much rain and
there’s been so much wind guys we are
not used to this you know poppy Jake
builds the best box sports but even so
this thing is iets it needs some repairs
so here’s the interior guys we have the
entire part covered here and then as we
go inside into the lit room here so here
is one of the rooms that actually has
power inside this says AC as well as
power which is pretty sweet and this is
kind of the expanded part back here that
we’re gonna be working on today but
we’ve got to get power to the entire
vault going we also have to make sure
that the entire vault has air
conditioning and on top of that I really
want to get the running water going
today and the coolest part Logan do you
tell what we’re doing so this is gonna
be a two-story box for it I think we’re
gonna add it somewhere in one of those
rooms yeah so the guy here we’re gonna
have a two storey probably on the last
room there and then I also want to get a
vault door bill because that’s just
gonna look sick and of course guys like
we said in our last video if you want
this series to continue if you want us
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the subscribe button what’s that like
button tonight guys let’s get 50,000
like dude yeah guys let’s just destroy
that like button if you guys want this
series to Kitty because I’m having so
much fun I’m loving building it you know
Papa Jake loves fallout and don’t
this is an overnight challenge so we
actually have to live in here which
means if we don’t build this thing right
and it falls apart then we’re not gonna
be able to survive so we’ve got to get
this thing up and running because the
sun’s going down and Logan I think the
weather’s calling for some more rain
dude all right Jake what’s the first
thing we should do so I’m thinking guys
we’re gonna start off by getting power
to the rest of these rooms here and
actually finalizing the last room and
then we can start building the last room
into the two stories that we have also I
am reading all of your comments you guys
have been savage in the comments by the
way thank you so very much
all of you are saying we should add in
self defense turret system which amok is
spoil anything but Logan I might have
placed an Amazon order that was really
expensive but Jake you bought a full
self defense turret system mister system
added self defense and it’s fully I
might it might be that it’s really
expensive but you guys love in the
series so we want to invest back into a
but let’s kick things off pads let’s get
power in here and let’s get this place
up and operational because through the
roofs caving in a lot of stuff is kind
of yeah we got a lot to work
alright guys so update for you we’ve
been working on the fort now for a
little while and this thing is looking
sweet this is probably our biggest of
all we have ever created it’s almost as
big as the Papa Jake mansion like
literally a couple more rooms and this
thing is a mansion but check this out
so right now we’re inside the main area
you guys know this place here this is
looking good you head into here into the
second area via this vault door switch
here so we open this up here go into the
second area check it out it’s looking
pretty cool in here but then you come
out into the third area which is where
the two-story vault will be made now
we’re still working on the guys it still
has a lot to be done here but
essentially you’ll be able to come up
like this you’ll be able to head up here
if you want to and we’ve got an under
space below here so you can actually
chill down here there’s where the
entrance is gonna be still gotta get
power going still gotta get running
water going and of course get the AC
unit blasting air into here so we are
fresh breathable air because you know
we’re surviving inside a vault but first
things first we gotta get this thing
built because if we’re surviving here
tonight guys we need an actual fort to
live in okay guys so update for you we
actually finished putting on the second
story of the vault check it out here
there’s no power I have an auxilary fan
here that we’re using for the lighting
but as you can see lots of open space
down here we still have the opening
where the vault doors going to go and of
course all the space here that is the
lower part of the upper level as of
right now I need to get this entire
place lit and power as you can see the
main vault room here has full power
everything’s working there I just double
check the circuit breaker as well to
make sure we’re running so right now my
objective is to get this place online
get this room power as well as this room
power let’s keep movin and make this
place look great alright and there we go
we’re fully lit and ready to turn this
room into something awesome I’m thinking
we turn this room into maybe like a
mixture between the medical bay and the
eatery where we can get water we can get
food and just kind of have like a lot of
our supplies in here and a lot of you
guys wants to build power armor which i
think is really sweet so I’m thinking we
add on maybe a workshop but that could
be in later episodes if you
wants to continue the series but Logan’s
more working on here I also put some
aesthetics on the door let’s see what
he’s been up to oh hey what’s up dude up
gasps how’s it going in the other room
oh it’s going we got two stories so far
dude I still don’t know what we’re gonna
make this you’ve any ideas yet I’m not
exactly sure what we should make this
but I think we should put the vault door
there and this room should be the
entrance the vault
so while Logan’s working on the lighting
in the two-story part of the vault I’m
actually going back here to the original
section and repairing basically anything
I can as you guys can see here it’s a
little bit hard to see on camera but
this wall is well it’s caving in like
it’s gonna break soon so I mean this is
a dying wall okay we need to fix this
thing and fix it soon or else we’re
gonna lose this entire fort and I don’t
want to do that because this is our main
area and it’s where we sleep which means
we got to repair this thing as best as I
can I’m trying my best to tape all the
patches up here we got this wall which
is basically falling over and it’s
ripping down all of the lighting in here
and this is where the circuit breaker is
so that’s what powers the entire vault
so we cannot lose this wall I don’t know
why we put all the important stuff here
but we did so right now my job is to
repair this and hope it doesn’t fall on
us during the night okay guys so I’ve
been working on this room for a little
while now this is the room that we’re
gonna be using as the kitchen as well as
our storage area and guys I mentioned it
before but it is finally time this is
the first time we’ve ever had proper
running water inside a box for it that’s
right guys we have a rain catcher
established outside of the fallout bolt
which travels through a PVC pipe which
then connects to this plastic pipe which
comes down here to a water kind of like
colder thing here which cuts off the
water all the way to a showerhead let’s
try this out are you ready dude in three
that’s awesome I can wash my hands guys
how cool is this now that we know that
this works guys we could build a shower
we could build a probably just a shower
I would say bathtub but that’s a bit
gross we can feel the eat shower guys we
could do so much with this this isn’t
really drinking water because it’s
rainwater but we can use the system and
fill it up with drinkable bottled water
and then actually be able to dispense
ourselves a nice cup of water whenever
we want
all right well Jake well you were
working on that I finished the other
room let’s check it out all right guys
so as you come up here we have the
second story oh dude this is massive now
this all lit guys this is sick so far
I’m starting all of our blasters up here
in equipment for going out and then the
vault door is gonna be right there yeah
guys we still haven’t built the vault or
we’re gonna get to that we just don’t
know like how far out we’re expanding so
we don’t really know where to put it yet
but I think for an armory this is pretty
sweet all right guys we’re closing the
vault for the night there we go I think
you switch here the vault door is locked
and we are good to go so I think it’s
time now to get inside set up for the
night this is a 24 hour challenge guys
we do need to make dinner
and I’m pretty exhausted we did a lot
guys we added two different expansions
to the vault but let’s head into the
main area here come on in Logan guys
once we get the final vault door on
there there will be triple security but
for now closed door latch shut and
activate the lock there we go
vault doors secure and we are all nice
and cozy inside the main area of the
vault the security doing jig all right
all doors are all behind and dude we got
in here just in time
looks like radiation levels and toxin
levels are rising outside good think we
got the air purifier going all right I’m
gonna really quickly do a quick cycle of
the power guys in three two one
okay all right it’s really Logan J I
can’t see you all right it’s kind of
hard to see I got a feel for it once I
got a feel already three two one
oh there we go let’s just leave the
lights on okay I will power cycled we’re
good to go
and all of our vault doors are still
locked or we jump into dinner we did get
a pretty sweet vault take care package
that I want to show you guys this is
this is the care package that you get
whenever you join a brand new vault of
course we did get our Pip Boy but inside
here are some essential vault Tec
survival tools oh dude check it out
alright so it looks like we have all
right we got a flashlight not too bad
pretty cool it looks like we have a bull
tech welcome brochure this is pretty
cool it’s got a little little
information here about where to find so
congratulations on joining the vault
aside from that we have ooh dude check
this out this is a solar panel battery
so you flip this up like this it’s a
survival battery that allows us to
charge our phones our charge electronics
obviously we’re connected to the grid
right now guys with this but if there
was a power outage we can use this to
charge any of our essential items and
collect the power from the Sun I got my
full tech dog tag that’s pretty sweet
and put this on here this looks like a
kit to make radaway and some other
really essential ball tech items last
but not least looks like we got some
more survival items here we go thermal
blanket okay so we’ll put this aside in
case of emergency or in case we go
outside the hole but so far this is a
pretty sweet introductory ball package
so let’s close this up all right guys
this is the same your vault life fallout
apocalypse dinner with Poppa Jake and
today we are having vegetable pasta
which sounds amazing
oh dude chocolate chip cookie I’m having
that let’s give the vegetable pasta set
up and cook it and I’ll be eating my
chocolate chip cookie while we wait
got a cookie here all vacuum-sealed
let’s see how it is
how about extremely dry but not bad
all right guys we’ve got our beef
pasture here it’s all cooked and ready
to go
no doesn’t the greatest this is probably
the part of vault living that isn’t the
nicest buns up bad about all right well
I think we’re gonna eat this up and then
you get ready for bed
hi guys we’re all ready for bed and I’m
powering her down both switches on and
we are turning out the breakers in three
two one guys do it
we’re doing it okay I’m okay Jake what
cars back I don’t know looks like
there’s a pressure override Vic we’re
drawing too much power to the vault
the wolf is getting so large okay
there’s a little bit of smoke left but
the hole is patched look dude this vault
is getting so big it looks like we’re
drawing too much power into here it
completely bypassed the fresh air system
and started leaking in radiation
radiation from what from the outside
Logan the levels are raising extremely
high how do I scare you but that’s an
extremely large dose of radiation and
you’re grabbed my hip points do with the
damages follow me through the vault
let’s see if anything else was effective
okay let’s get to the armory door
unlocked here all right follow me all
right army archers here the boys should
just be inside let’s take you out for
those rats Oh No what are you doing this
isn’t good myself
Arachne comes from that leaf dark really
high I don’t think it’s a rat away soon
things could get bad and fast do you
mean it’s radiation Logan from outside
won’t to deal with this later at least
we know we’re dealing with we have some
components that can used to make some
radaway but I’ll have to act quickly
okay let’s go just chilling here in the
second story whoa story is looking fresh
that is sweet man we have been working a
ton on this fort you guys know Papa Jake
when I do a box fort I go big and that’s
what we’ve done with this box fort it is
probably one of the biggest and one of
the craziest especially because we’ve
had terrible weather this rain like
every single day it’s almost raining
right now and you know Logan there is
one mortal enemy to cardboard that’s
water so we’ve been battling the rain
we’ve been battling the wind but it’s
all come together with our super comfy
and awesome fallout ball which we’ve
been surviving in for this episode three
so that’s like well it’s been two nights
but it’s like three days dude but
instead just rambling on why don’t we go
check this out all right here we go
awesome area
I think is heaven all right let’s get in
oh yeah it’s starting to rain but here
we go inside a cozy pump all check it
out guys so now we’re in the main room
and in this episode we are gonna be
making a bunch of upgrades to the vault
but because the bolt or like stuff it’s
all closed for nice and safe and cozy
and your females bad Raiders or
radiation but whatever this a lot of
stuff out there that’s bad so if you
come on over here this is our armory
flip this up activate a door lock here
and welcome to the armory it’s two
stories now this is probably the biggest
free inside the vault itself this has to
have a lot of work done to it I mean we
have all of our weapons in here we have
our vault-tec pip-boy oh and another
load but the cool thing about this is
obviously we have the two stories so we
have the story up here and you can go
down into here you got a light yes sir I
don’t really know we want to make this
yet so maybe comment down below you guys
think one of the number one resource to
be used for ideas for this ball so shout
out to all of you guys give it us
suggestions for this you guys are making
this we’re making this together
it’s the Pappa Jake family vault we’re
all gonna lemon alright guys now we’re
going into the controller I’m also the
sleeping quarters and wow the air
conditioning is so nice guys we got
fresh air coming in courtesy of our air
conditioner this is the first time we’ve
ever had an air conditioner inside of a
box port and while that that makes a
huge difference but this is of course
where we use all the power and stuff
like that these are switches don’t touch
these out that were in the vault and you
guys saw this is our gas mask this
actually is a real gas mask so its face
sweet but yeah guys so today what we’re
gonna be doing is we are gonna be adding
on to the vault itself we’re gonna be
improving a bunch of the stuff in here I
mean there are some things that are
falling down some things need to be
taped like the vault door I want to work
on but the coolest thing that we’re
gonna be doing today guys is we are
gonna be building some fallout power
armors we’re gonna be making a power
armor station though we’re gonna build a
fully functional set of power
we’re gonna have like laser optics in it
wiring an air conditioning system inside
the power armor so that we can actually
go outside of the ball and go raid
Raiders because Raiders have been
raiding us so we’re gonna go rate the
back that’s what Papa Jake does
so eventually guys like I said we are
gonna be making a workshop for today I
thought we could build the power armor
inside the armory alright guys so first
up I think I’m gonna work on the actual
door itself
I want to spruce up this vault door a
little bit make it even more epic so
that when we exit and enter the vault it
is super cool while I’m working on this
Logan’s gonna work on the power armor
and then I’m gonna be adding some really
cool security systems to the vault bed
but you guys had no idea was gonna have
so guys one of the things you always ask
is when we are doing a 24 hour challenge
of the box fort you know how do we keep
up with hygiene well now that we have a
Logan’s do it all day it’s not that
hygienic oh yeah I mean he’s getting
this hair all done looking good Logan’s
been working on the power I’m in the
other room and he’s been getting a
little bit sweaty so we decided to have
a that’s like a half shower that’s
that’s not how you properly shower guys
nice little cool down look what but
anyway look and while you can show them
what you’ve been working on with the
power armor alright guys so the power
armor is almost done we have the arms
and legs and a chest piece now off to do
is add some cool gadgets like a fan some
lighting and maybe some nerf gun
attachments alright guys so I’ve made
some progress on the power armor and
it’s looking pretty sweet so I’ve been
working on this vault door for quite
some time now and guys I made some
really awesome improvements to the ball
first of all before I show you the vault
door Logan check this out I actually
added a security camera to the outside
of the vault so we can look outside and
see if there’s any Raiders at the vault
door there you can see the vault door
itself we can zoom out and we have an
entire view of the front of the vault
how cool is that check this out if you
want to open the vault door itself
there’s a lot more security systems in
place so first off you have to activate
the emergency switch here that’s going
to release the lock on the vault door
then you’re gonna hold down this switch
as well as release the air pressure
button in three two one like so how
sweet is that guys
the vault or will open and then we can
get outside go on an expedition or do
whatever we need to and then of course
when we close that we deactivate the
safety switch reverse pounce and it’ll
how cool is that right that’s sweet I
want to go in though see the power armor
yeah that one oh that is say yeah yeah
that looks like it’ll fit okay yeah the
power armor looks like it’s in it’s it’s
somewhat working order now we got to
spruce it up a little bit but I think if
we work together on this new beginning
this thing look awesome
alright guys so after a bunch of
upgrades that Papa Jake was able to make
Papa Jake certified power I’m a checking
stuff out Logan this could take on quite
literally a deathclaw okay this thing is
equipped with everything you need now
the front here is completely powered we
got the wiring all out here it’s not the
prettiest power armor but it works of
course you got power going to the
axillary ports all along the armor so
for example here the front you can turn
on your flashlight we also have in the
back here an auxilary fan which air
conditions the suit obviously when
you’re out there you’re gonna get sweaty
you’re gonna get hot so by activating
this one turn on a light which is really
awesome but also activate the fan itself
so you’ve got auxilary air conditioning
coming into the suit and of course
cooling you off and last but not least
the power armor helmet the creme de la
creme of the entire power armor this is
what brings it all together now this is
our specially designed helmet that’s
gonna not only help protect ourselves
but also increase our ability to
efficiently respond to threats we’re
trying this on guys you may remember at
the start of this video we took some
pretty bad radiation which means I think
it’s time to head back into the control
center and make some radaway for us
because if we don’t get the radiation
out of our system we could both get
really sick we’ve got to use the
supplies that we got from our voltec
starter kit to make ourselves well some
radiation resistant radaway we’re gonna
use this to use some of our vault-tec
water that we caught using a rain
catcher so we’re gonna add it to the top
like so push it in and very slowly but
surely it will add to the water thus
dripping down into our bag giving us a
bag full of right away alright and after
a little bit of time we have the ride
away at the bottom of the bag
alright and let’s extract some of the
ride away like so and just like that
we’ll get some rad away here into this
now I know it doesn’t look like a lot
but that is enough dosage to make sure
that Logan’s radiation is cured and goes
away okay and there’s still enough left
for me
oh that is uh kind of salty to be honest
with you so now it’s on to some more Hey
look do you hear that
it is that G check the vault camera
let’s check the camera quickly Logan
we’ve got abandoned at the front door
take a look he’s trying to get in he’s
breaking into the vault organ hold on
make sure ancillary power is still
online what are we gonna do we’ve got
multiple unseen three bandits on the
monitor here oh no no this isn’t good
good hold on I’m sucking on the
emergency power we’re gonna try to put
everything we’ve got into the vault door
we need this thing to sustain itself all
right it’s likely emergency power now
all right emergency powers online Jake
how are you to stop them look I know
exactly how we’re gonna stop them I’m
gonna put on the power armor and go out
there and take care of all these bandits
unfortunately for us though the attacks
from Raiders continue and as our base
began to take more and more damage we
knew we had to move slowly the warm
Summer Sun began to transition into the
cold of fall follow shortly by the snow
of winter we had to expand we had to
move on and we had to upgrade our base
if we were to survive this over here
we’ve got two different layers of
security doors which is actually really
important when we’re doing a fallout 4
vault because we need security so you go
through the first layer here into the
second layer we definitely need to light
it those have all not been lit yet so we
have to work on that but I think to
start we’re gonna start working on the
vault door and then we’ll come in here
and start expanding out into the next
room we also have a little bit of space
in here that we could expand into so
I’ve tasked Logan what he thinks about
that check it out so we went ahead and
we kind of remodel I’d the Batcave a
little bit and we put in the treadmill
here which is gonna be the entrance to
the vault the way we’re gonna use this
is that we’re gonna have like the vault
staging area here we have to go on the
console and activate the vault door once
the vault door opens at the front you
can then enter onto the treadmill you’ll
slowly be brought into the vault and
then you can go through the secondary
security door inside and only then can
you access the vault it’s very secure so
now all we have to do is start read
modifying this with cardboard so that we
can get it all around and then start
decking out the security door here so we
can actually access it with the computer
and control panel
alright guys check this out just finish
the vault or this thing is looking sweet
it’s one of our classic vault doors got
you knows that lock here and everything
like that but of course you can’t hack
into this because it all uses inside
mechanisms but if you open up the vault
over here just like this you can enter
into the vault
now over here we haven’t done the
lighting yet so you can’t really see it
too well but that’s basically where
we’re gonna have the mechanism that
actually brings you into the vault
you’ll go on a conveyor belt that will
slowly bring you inside and the only way
to activate that is from the inside so
we stuff the like that I still have to
work on the control panel but we’re
making progress here so I think we’re
gonna start working on the inside and
then we also have to go ahead and extend
all the way out here as you guys can see
we started here we gotta cut a hole here
and extend all the way out here into
this room so there’s still a lot to do
there’s still a lot of building to get
done but we’re having a bunch of fun and
you guys know me follow four is one of
my favorite games of all times so this
is gonna be sweet so while Jake’s
working on the security room I’m gonna
be working on our living quarters and
we’re gonna use this elevated space as a
sleeping pod for Jake and I’m gonna make
my bedroom down here so while Logan’s
working out there I’m now in the vault
door room which is basically where you
can activate the vault door to let
people in as you guys can see we’ve got
this space here this is where you’ll
actually come in once the vault door is
activated now here I’ve got to use all
this little stuff to make a control
panel so I can activate the vault door
we’ve got a keypad here for the terminal
we’ve got a couple other electronic
devices and then once you get in here
you can then enter into the main room
which is inside so let’s start building
alright guys check it out the terminal
is ready as you guys can see we’ve got
all of our wires everything hooked up
here so basically now we use the Hackney
terminal which will allow us to access
the bolt door so for example if we’re on
here do you type in your commands and
then access the vault door with this I’m
gonna turn on the vault and allow the
vault door to open and then go around to
the front so you guys can see exactly
what it looks like once I open the door
and we come inside the vault here we go
opening vaults there we go
and here we go guys the vault door opens
now now it’s time to go inside you get
inside and you have the vault or
activated all the security measures are
on the terminal is activated which means
the conveyor belts on so we just pop on
this and go inside the vaults we go
check this out guys right inside the
vault and there we’re in the hacking
terminal room I got the hacking terminal
here on I’m gonna go ahead and block the
vault door now and there we go waltz
arms locks and now you can go ahead and
enter into the primary vault I Silva put
the pressure lock on this I’m gonna
pressurize this door but once we got
that on the door would open and then we
enter in to the main ballroom how sweet
is that so now that we know that the
vault door works and the system to get
in here is working I’m gonna start
working on the medbay but I want to go
check out what Logan’s been up to let’s
see what’s going on in the next
compartment here as you guys can see and
every fall of four vault we have our
doors you know with the shut up pressure
lock them which is very important when
you have a fallout shelter but let’s
jump inside and see what Logan’s doing
over there but Jake check this out
this is your sleeping pod dude this is
sweet guys I didn’t even think this is
great to store a box for fallout shelter
but already put the room in here man all
right so we definitely need to still
like this and bring in a bunch of our
gear but I’m gonna get working on the
medbay Logan’s gonna finish up in here
and then this bolt is almost done wait
Jake before you go check out this
awesome metal duct tape this stuff is
gonna be awesome for decking out a
fallout shelter using reinforced steel I
love that man alright guys well Logan’s
we’re gonna Matt let’s come in here and
start working on the medbay
check this out we’re inside
may now and I have everything set up as
you guys can see this is a separate from
the vault but you enter here through
this door and then you can come up here
and sit down if you need to be medically
examined or anything like that and of
course in here we have all of our vault
survival gear we’ve got some extra food
rations in here we also have some extra
water rations which actually come in
bags pretty cool it’s like water in a
bag and then we’ve got some band-aids
some sterilizing cloth all of which is
really important with a vault life
because you know when you’re in here
you’re safe from outside but there’s
still radiation there’s still things
that could go wrong in a vault so having
this place is important especially if
you go out on a mission I think we might
need you because we didn’t bring a lot
of food in here and if we’re doing a 24
hour challenge we’re gonna need to go
out in the wasteland and scavenge for
some food so we just got finished up
building the follow for a box for it but
before we do a tour of the whole vault
we gotta get Logan inside here so I’ve
got my pip-boy here we’re gonna go ahead
and access the vault door and open it up
get in without access all right well
let’s jump it the vault and show you
guys what it looks like come on inside
we got our common area here you know we
got a clock on the wall nice fall out
style clock there looking great over
here come around this corner we have our
armory this is where we’re keeping all
of our gear in case you go out into the
wasteland which I will be doing later
because I think I need to scavenge for
some food well of course you’ve got our
masks here some ammo a couple weapons
we’re a little bit low on supplies but
that’s okay we can definitely scavenge
for some more over here is the Med Bank
we’ve got a bunch of really awesome gear
we’ve got some medical supplies here in
case we go out and we’ve got a few extra
rations of water which are very
important when you’re living the vault
life all right let’s go into the living
we got a pressurised lock here so we can
keep all of the air secure in case
there’s a breach pressurize
and there we go doors open let’s head
inside this vault is huge guys this is
way bigger I was gonna try to double our
fallout 4 vol from last episode I think
we’ve tripled it what it’s awesome
seeing this thing with a lights man it
is so big we have a second story of
course you can come up here with the
nice vaulted ceilings and up here we’ve
got sleeping quarters so it’s a little
bit of a sleeping pod and come up in
here you know
turn on some tunes on your pip-boy oh
yeah and then just chill out relax and
enjoy the fallout 4 vault life so yeah
this place is sweet and of course all
the ceilings add to it and there’s just
so much room in here which is awesome
Jake here’s a radroach
look up watch out watch out don’t get
the gun hold on
stay back take those to me g-get it stop
Oh God oh that was close TQ is another
one right there
whoa stop that ride roach infestation
his safest vaults are guys those
radroaches find a way to get in here I
think probably our best but now is if
we’re gonna be surviving in here for the
night we need to get food which means I
have to go out into the wasteland look
if you can stay back here and keep the
bowl secure I’ll grab those supplies I
haven’t go let’s see if I can’t find
some all right I’m going the gear pupal
I have in the armor you open the vault
door and head out I’ll take one of the
weapons and leave the rest for you in
case you need it
just give me mutants out there other
Raiders let’s see if I can find some
Raiders though I might be able to loot
them for food I’ll leave a little bit of
ammo no we don’t have a lot left have
some gas massive information come across
some radius rather than scared of me all
right open the vault I’m heading out all
right see you on the other side
a lot of bandits in the sports Logan I’m
coming through in the pit boy it’s Randy
lab and it can get up to in dilute I’m
gonna check down here see if I can’t
find anything else maybe some supplies
who’s they another weapon don’t you move
drives off the charts here doesn’t look
like I’m gonna pass this
I’m sitting other wasteland
I say no mutant yes the statue me
I’m coming back to the vault get the
door ready there’s a lot of bad guys out
here let’s make it quick all right take
the vault doors should be opening rate
now this is freezing cool those ladies
almost got me though whoo
that was something else grab some food I
meant a couple new friends but other
than that huh it’s another day in the
wasteland let’s grab our gear see what
we got for dinner grab an extra pistol
as well as some food rations it seemed
like chili with beans looks like you
don’t know what one of these things is
they are food rations that can survive
50 hundred years doesn’t really matter
the cool thing about it is you actually
don’t need a heater surviving in a
waistline vault we don’t have a heater
so we use one of these things it’s got
everything you need it to eat
we’re a little bit low on supplies we’ll
definitely have to do some more
waistline runs to get more but for now
it’s chilly with beads and crackers
Logan what guys have some lemon poppy
pound cake I love it all right let me
start cooking this thing up and get some
food into us I mean it does look a
little stale that’s what you got to do
when you live in a wasteland it’s so dry
but so good
that’s definitely dry it’s literally
like cardboard so let’s put some jam on
it that guy’s got some some fallout
wasteland crackers
well Jake’s preparing the rest of food
I’m gonna get our beds ready cuz we got
to hit the hay soon it’s been a very
long day you want the sleeping pot I’m
just gonna sleep right there so it looks
like we’re all ready for bed all right
guys we just finished a bacon our meal
so we’re gonna open it up here we’ve got
ourselves chili with beans which is
pretty good look at that guys some
wasteland beans with a little bit of a
chili sauce and I think there’s some
meat in here too which is kind of weird
considering this thing can last a
hundred ears but hey it’s food not bad
at all don’t trust them alright guys
well we’re gonna finish up our dinner
and then what’s dinners done honestly I
think it’s gonna be bedtime we had a
massive day-to-day filled in this box
for it as well as of course going out in
the wasteland had a lot of issues out
there but we got our food we got herself
set up I think it’s time we hit the hay
after this we go into my sleeping
chamber up here Logan’s gonna be
chilling down here let’s play a little
bit of nice soothing tunes for night
time on a pip-boy
perfect alright I’ll see you guys in the
it’s definitely not a billionaires box
for it but it’ll do surviving in the
wasteland hey buddy
peace out
Jake Jake wake up let’s go
where’s my my belt
grab my ammo belt I get the turtle Jake
there’s no time here grabbing a pack of
webbing the sword what’s going on here
looks like we have most of our systems
online but whoever’s out there is trying
to lock me out of the vault
they’re trying to open it manually from
the outside can you lock them out I’m
security breach what putting the vault
opening all right get back into the
sleeping quarters we can put up a fight
there watch the door
second that door opens we’re fine all
got him
lots of check and make sure he doesn’t
be rats I didn’t look like a mute enough
this pretty much wraps up our fallout 4
box for we hope you guys enjoyed it we
hope you guys liked this part 2 of it if
you guys think we should do more of the
fallout box fort life and smack that
like button down below and also like I
said guys sir the video do not forget if
you want to enter in the giveaway smack
that subscribe button but most
importantly a lot of you guys forget
about it get that Bell button it’s right
beside the subscribe button hit the bell
button turn on notifications then you’re
good to go you’re entered into our
Christmas giveaway and you never miss
another one of papa Jake’s awesome
videos but thank you guys so very much
for watching I’ll see all of you guys
next time for another awesome video

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