14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Clearance Where Can I Purchase At 8:43

  1. ITS NOT GOOD AT ALL,i bought it it was horrible ,,,.,,i was so disappointing G 10 is not tan,had chips on the serrations,grind was uneven,was so sticky and hard to deploy the blade…and i ordered it from gerbers site….thats what i get when i spend 100 bucks on a gerber…..guys step up your game and buy a benchmade , spyderco, or a zero tolerance. the qualily is so much better

  2. First knife is grest for bushcraft,second knife is more of a survival knife, third knife I didn't like at first but by the end I loved it great video. ;-D

  3. Ok. So besides the fact that the P.D.A. has S30V and a lock, why the hell is it so expensive? $160? Come on, how 'bout $120 at the very most?

  4. What I find hilarious is that their best knives aren't to be sold to civilians, you have to be "active" or "safety officer"…..then the general public gets their "garbage line". Until they change that policy (and they won't)….. the general knife public will always consider their line of knives garbage because…. well….they are.

  5. Wow shitty 420 and a little better 440 is better and harder then s30v. Man I had no idea. Ha, the day I buy a Gerber will be the day I die.

  6. Has the potential to be a great knife, but I am kinda disappointed in mine so far..I have both the black and tan ones and they come pretty pathetically meh, dull. Sad that Gerber sends them out duller than any knife I have ever bought including cheap $20 foreign made knives. Plus they put a weak ass spring in it and when it fires it feels clunky and slow, the assisted opening is much faster. Not impressed, and it's very little things that wouldn't cost them anymore money to make better. I'm not joking, both models new out of the box can't even slice through a sheet of paper cleanly, just tears it.